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25 February 2010 @ 22:16
I didn't mention this previously, but I just got back from Sendai (in Miyagi Prefecture), which is famous for being the home of Kritiker's Flower Arranging School. Also something to do with the three famous views of Japan... Matsushima something something...

I kid, I kid. There will be a huge blog post on SpamFromJapan.com eventually. This week? Could it really be? Almost everything about the trip was fantastic and Sendai is a great city.

Traps, Transphobia and Kuroshitsuji from reichsfreiherr.

Februry 28th is Rare Disease's Day (click to donate for free) from jukebox_hero.
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th February 2010 13:50 (UTC)
You should friend him. He's not that scary. :)

It's difficult to say how long I've been learning. I took private lessons while attending university, but we spoke in English mostly and I never developed the confidence to speak on my own. I did learn hiragana and katakana during that time and I knew them both before I came to Japan. So... about 4-5 years, I guess.

Really, my Japanese is terrible though. My communication skills and circumlocution let me explain myself far beyond what my grasp of grammar should allow. My sentences would probably make a JLPT4 blush, but I can make people understand pretty complicated stuff.
reichsfreiherr on 26th February 2010 18:48 (UTC)
He's not that scary. :)

I’ll have you know that I’m the scariest Narsus I know. I’m also the only Narsus that I know, granted.