William (genkischuldich) wrote,

New Velvet Underworld blog: http://www.velvet-uw.com/blog/diary.cgi

Super-quick translation, not particularly serious. If you're retranslating into another language (like, say, Russian), you can make it more serious, if you like. :)

I wonder why they are doing this now? Only speculation, but the both the live recording and the Tokyo Anime Fair are coming up, where big announcements tend to be made (In fact, there will be a PV for a Togainu no Chi anime from Nitro Plus). Could that explain the delayed release?

On the other hand, maybe a blog is easier to update. They weren't doing particularly well before.

Open Real Soon

Please hold tight for the opening of this blog which will be happening soon.

Some guy in charge. (2010-03-21)

We maded you a blog!!


Welcome, I'm K from the Velvet Underworld staff.
Our blog begins from today(?)!!
Please please read us.

Well, the drama CDs and character songs are out on April 1st!
Very sorry for the long wait!
Please please buy them!

On March 27th, the recording will take place in Yokohama.
Please look at Animate's homepage for details.
Thank you very much.


Tags: anime, velvet under world
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