William (genkischuldich) wrote,

More Velvet Underworld info:

Animate have already released images of the bromides going on sale on April 1st... which means images, characters names and seiyuu revealed.

...Shouldn't this be on the official site first?

"Blade" (ブレード) // Genda Tesshou
"Doctor" (ドクター) // Tobita Nobuo
"Volt" (ボルト) // Hoshi Souichirou (Okay, we already knew this one, but it's a new visual)
"Bonemania" (ボーンマニア) // Yonaga Tsubasa
"Lerajie" (レライエ) // Hatano Wataru (Pronunciation: Le-rai-eh)

Tokyo Anime Fair is on Saturday/Sunday and I managed to get a special ticket for an "Arakawa Under The Bridge" event.

Edit: Mirai Nikki is being prepped to be made into an anime. File under: 'well, it was news to me...'
Tags: anime, velvet under world
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