William (genkischuldich) wrote,

VUW Blog

Just coming back from a goth industrial event in Shinjuku. Have had many beers and cocktails, including melon soda and vodka because I wanted something with a melon soda mixer. There is also a guy falling asleep on me even though we are both standing up. So, how good will this translation be? Lessee.

Thank You For Coming To The Recording

The recording is now over~
Thanks to you, we were able to have a warm, fun event!
Thank you!

The details will be forthcoming†

It's KENN!

Hello everyone!
How do you like the change from winter to spring?
Well, are you enjoying Velvet?
Many drama CDs and character songs are going on sale soon, aren't they?
Both staff and cast have been working so so hard to get this finished, so you have to enjoy it!
Tags: velvet under world
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