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07 April 2010 @ 23:51
These are taken from the CD booklet and so aren't technically spoilers. Cutting anyway.

The most frightening member of Mixed Paranoia. He has the power to puppet humans at will.

The specialist in genetics. He has a pathological belief in perfection. [That's never good if you're a geneticist...]

He's a murderer who feels joy when he electrocutes someone. He yearns to be a henshin hero, and murders in the belief that he's "defeating evil-doers". [I thought the first guy in the clip looked like GARO!]

A former x-ray doctor who has an abnormal interest in "bones". He collects x-rays, but commits murders to get his hands on real bones. [Hahahahahahaha]

A priest with a mohawk who is wrapped from head to toe in green clothing. He is abnormally attracted to plants -- when he kills humans he uses their body as fertilizer in flowerpots to remember the pleasure of it all. [Can't breathe.... laughing too hard.]

I wish I'd translated this on April 1st. No one would have believed it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th April 2010 12:19 (UTC)
What was the last part you heard about? I can bring you up to speed.

RP-wise... is that dead?
Owenkidboomerang on 12th April 2010 07:48 (UTC)
...you posted the first drama cd and first four vids... and that was the last time I really kept up *laughs* I keep intending to go back and check out and get caught up but never seem to find the time.

RP-wise ... it could be not-dead, if we rethink it. Koyasu has the drama CDs set up in reverse, right? So .. *ponders things*

At any rate, my semester wraps up on May 15, and I can definitely add this to my list of stuff to catch up on. My S.O. has wrung out of me a promise that I'm not taking full-time courses next semester and leaving myself enough room to breath since this semester has reduced me to a pile of exhausted crap. Never taking five courses while working full-time ever again.
Williamgenkischuldich on 13th April 2010 14:26 (UTC)
Okay, so you've still got the previous batch of CDs to download. The Russian WK fandom is pretty on the ball with these things, so you can down everything from the "Weiss Kreuz in Russian" site.

Other than that, it doesn't appear to be going in reverse. It's going all over the place and I'm trying to dicipher the latest CD, which has some strange stuff timeline-wise. Maybe. Not sober right now. :P

Good luck with school. Let me know when you've caught-up/finished your semester (I'll probably forget the date). Err... what are you studying? I just realised I have no idea.
Owenkidboomerang on 15th April 2010 08:22 (UTC)
I'll look stuff up Friday morning, when I get my breather. Right now I'm taking a break from the research paper which would have been much easier if I hadn't procrastinated so much.

I'm filling my prereqs right now for an eventual education major. Secondary ed, subject focus on English and Math.
Williamgenkischuldich on 16th April 2010 13:15 (UTC)
Enjoy. If what you want isn't available for download, you can find it on a subsection of the Weiss Kreuz in Russian site.

That's a helluva lot of work ahead of you. Good luck!
Owenkidboomerang on 20th April 2010 01:53 (UTC)
.... heh, the whole Russian thing has me entirely confused. (Do you mean.. there's one fansite called that but it was last updated in '02, and the VUW Russian fandom is incomprehensible to me =P) Maybe I'll try to puzzle it out in a couple of weeks...

Thanks. Yeah, I'm in five classes plus full-time work, and ... not a great combo.

Owenkidboomerang on 20th April 2010 18:39 (UTC)
Gracias, señor.

(LOL, yes, I am lazy.)