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10 April 2010 @ 21:37
Thank you very much for the birthday Vgifts, zeto and outsatiable! I wish I was better at replying.

But very much appreciated. Thank you!

Anime news:
Cast of UraBoku [Photo and comment]: Includes old-school seiyuu (Koyasu! Miki!) and some fairly new one (Fukuyama! Sakurai!). I just lost interest when I thought to find out the plot though. It kind of reads like Twilight, except the uke was a girl in his previous life which Makes The Gay Okay.
Shiki: The trailer looks like they've pasted two different anime together, one a wacky romp around the Japanese countryside and the other a horror mystery. The horror side looked sufficiently interesting though.
Trigun The Movie: Released April 24th.
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin trailers: Unless there's something more to it, it's 1999 and Nostradamus' predictions and the end of a century and and and... This is just eleven years too late. Cool name though.
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai to be animated: Announced on Twitter, of all places. I read the plot and it sounds bloody awful. I make it sound way too interesting when I describe it as The Last Starfighter except with dating sims.
Colorful: I saw this trailer at Tokyo International Anime Fair. I thought it looked like something to keep an eye on, but it didn't make a big impression. Looks slightly more interesting now I can hear it properly.

I went to the opening night of the newest version of Musical Air Gear last night with dilettantka and kurayamihikitsu. They laughed at my confusion as to why KENN's most famous role wasn't listed in the program. I refer, of course, to KURO in Velvet Underworld. Instead, the program was talking about him being in some show called "Tenimyu".

Loved it and there were no major accidents until Yasuka fell over... during curtain call. Up until then, he'd really looked like he'd been practicing, doing all these twirly, spinny things. He's a new cast member playing someone called Iron Clock who stops time. His character was definitely my type - glasses, a bit goth, gay, insane and evil. The only thing I would say is that he basically replaces Spitfire, but without the same kind of influence on the storyline.

Kaito had more time on stage, but he still doesn't have an impact on the story either as far as I can remember. Not that you should take those hips him out though. Loved Romeo and Juliet as always, but they should just kiss.

Overall, this was even better (and even camper, I swear) than the previous two shows and I loved it, particularly the first half. BUT... it's still the same show. I can see their problems - Bacchus is an essential part of the musical, but they've already met, fought and made friends with Kogarasumaru. As a long-time fan of Marvel Comics, can I just say the obvious next step is for them TO TEAM UP. You're welcome, email me for a place to send my royalty checks.
Starriecrabsushi on 10th April 2010 23:31 (UTC)
bwaaaa, I wish I was still in Japan so I could see this live:


Found her by accident. LOVE her voice. ♥
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th April 2010 12:15 (UTC)
She has a nice voice, although it's not really my kind of music. Amused to realise I know the venue because they hold goth/fetish all-nighters there. :P
Starriecrabsushi on 11th April 2010 15:22 (UTC)
It's not generally mine, but she's from the US, so I automatically want to support her. XD

Also: am trying to convince my mother to run away to Japan with me this year.

If I come back, I totally want to go to one of the goth/fetish nights. 8D *grabby hands*
Starriecrabsushi on 16th April 2010 04:08 (UTC)
How about these ladies? 8D ommmmmmnomnomnomnom

Williamgenkischuldich on 20th April 2010 12:17 (UTC)
Okay, now THEY look pretty cool. :)
L.: Rainbowimpressioniste on 16th April 2010 08:05 (UTC)
This comment has nothing to do with your entry, so apologies in advance.

I totally fail at these things, and I never feel right adding someone as a friend before asking them (even if it says it's kosher on their profile), so would you mind if I friended you? I meant to ask a while back, and got inundated with other things.

We have quite a few mutual friends and similar interests and quite a bit of the content of your posts is stuff I have an interest in.

(I was playing as Crawford with you and the others over on the totgetliebt RP, but I had to leave rather abruptly due to some unfortunate personal and family matters :( I'm sorry we never got to see how the White Day Golf Clubs panned out.)
Williamgenkischuldich on 20th April 2010 12:21 (UTC)
No worries. I added you. :) Generally, I don't mind if people add me, but I've had a lot of people recently coming and asking... I must be getting more intimidating or something.

Unfortunately, you've got me just when I'm posting almost exclusively about a CD drama project called Velvet Underworld that only ten people care about (but we care very, very hard about it :P). But add away if you like!
L.impressioniste on 20th April 2010 12:29 (UTC)
Funny how that happens. :3

It's okay, I've heard of Velvet Underworld so I'm not totally clueless and it's not boring to me X3;