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It starts off with Noi and AYA talking. Noi asks Aya what he will do if his memories return. He doesn't know the answer. Aya talks poetically about going towards a new future and Noi says she wants to go too. Aya agrees that if his memory returns, they'll go together.

Pawn and Miwa turn up. There's something about two related incidents with two detectives, one of them was AYA. Mixed Paranoia are linked to the Police Honbu (the building I linked to earlier). Miwa refers to THAT project, Aya echoes him. It's a project for 'special criminals'. And the person in charge(?) was... Uryuu Tomoe. You recognise that name, right? :) Miwa tells AYA it's his name. It seems like a big conspiracy, but Erinis are behind AYA and getting his memories back. AYA says "Let's go to the police headquarters!" Miwa says they are team-mates and Pawn offers to blow it up for him.

Miwa leaves and DRY and Pawn say goodnight to AYA.
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