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Ibara no Ou / King of Thorn out on May 1st.
Yakumo. Ono Daisuke is Saitou Yakumo and Fujimura Ayumi is Ozawa Haruka.


There's a honking sound in the background and Noi tells Aya to wake up and that sound is... a telephone? Must've misheard. Aya goes though the usual "Who are you and who am I?" routine. He walks towards the sound and picks up his mobile. That's a terrible ringtone then. It's Miwa, but since no one's told him who he is yet, AYA just repeats his own name back at him. The conversation goes back and forth between Miwa telling him to RUN and Aya going "What? Memories...? What are you going on about? I don't understand..." Miwa talks about going to Police HQ.

Miwa: Trust me! You need to run away [alone]!
AYA: Run...?
Miwa: Are you listening to me!? They're getting closer!
AYA: Miwa...?
Miwa: Yes! Yes! That's right!
AYA: No. I don't trust you.

There's an explosion and a siren goes off. "What's that noise?" asks AYA. Just then, Velvet and Kuro run in and tell Aya to come with them. Kuro says they'll explain everything later. Velvet says they're being attacked by Mixed Paranoia, but doesn't know how they found this place. In response, Kuro refers to A-P-L, a member of Mixed Paranoia we haven't heard from yet. I think Kuro says he was a hacker and Google tells me APL is an early programming language. Maybe?

At this point, AYA is putting on his *WTF face* and going "What the hell you guys talking about??"

Kuro goes into a long explanation about C-4 explosives, the outer walls of the base and "all members killed" by multiple members of Mixed Paranoia. They tell him to go fight, but Noi tries to stop him. Velvet slaps her and tells her to let go of AYA.

Back to Miwa, who seems to have gone to the base to try to warn AYA and friends. Blade and Volt appear and Volt electrocutes him.

From the ground, Miwa asks who they are and THIS SENTAI MUSIC STARTS UP AND VOLT PROCLAIMS "IN THE NAME OF LIGHTNING I WILL PUNISH EVIL!!" (or something like that) and then powers up by saying "PERFECT! DESTRUCTION! OF! EVIL!" (again, something like that)

Dear Koyasu: We Are Not Worthy.

Anyway, it looks like the members of Mixed Paranoia from earlier are here and still batshit insane.

AYA, Velvet and Kuro turn up and Velvet notes that there's a terrible smell... like grilled meat. They see the three members of Mixed Paranoia up ahead, but Dry arrives and tells everyone to get into the car outside. Kuro shoots Volt in the eyes. He tells Aya to leave and he will handle it. He sighs and notes that a single member of Erinis versus three of Mixed Paranoia are not good odds. Dry says there are three of them too and Pawn offers to help out with an explosion.

Velvet gets AYA away. There's the sound of an explosion and... we're with AYA and Velvet in the car. Aya mutters under his breath, "The... truth? I should've believed him..." He tells Velvet to drive to Police HQ. Velvet refuses, but AYA pulls a gun on her. "That's where the truth can be found. Go!"

Elsewhere, Garagara wakes up. Birds fly away and he remarks that's not a place to get a good night's sleep. Miwa staggers towards him and Gagagara worries about... where AYA is? Miwa gives him a note to give to AYA (and V, or about V? Not sure.). He doesn't understand everything, [Miwa] says. I have no idea if Miwa dies or not here -- the background music suggests yes, Garagara's reactions suggest no.


There's an explosion. Pawn, Dry and Kuro are fighting Mixed Paranoia. Pawn and Dry see Volt coming for them, which must mean Kuro is dead. Pawn starts to cry and Dry thinks it was a fairly dull way to die. Suddenly, they are attacked by Bonemania, who comes at them screaming "Gimme your skeleton!! Gimme your skeleton!" (If I wasn't wondering whether Kuro was really dead or not, this would be hi-lar-ious!)

Volt comes at them at attacks DRY, screaming "justice will always triumph!"

There's a lot of talking all at once, so it's difficult to understand. DRY turns on the sprinkler and... maybe... they've been stocked with high levels of saline solution. Pawn screams for him to stop and he starts crying again. He says "Bye bye Aya" and there's another explosion.

Back with AYA and Velvet and they are at Police HQ. AYA say his memories can be found here. They go down in the elevator, where Blade is waiting for them. "Welcome to this concrete birdcage," he says.

Blade: Blade of Mixed Paranoia. I manipulated your memories and sealed them. Welcome, Uryuu Tomoe! Or rather... welcome home.
AYA: Uryuu Tomoe...?
Blade: That's right. Now you know the truth of your name.
AYA: Well, if that's true, return my memories! *pulls gun*

Blade attacks Velvet.

Back to Garagara, who seems to be looking through Miwa's notes on Project Noir (French for Schwarz), which pushes the body beyond human abilities and

Project Weiss

which is supposed to be able to change personality and character. Both are connected to a serial killer whom Aya was investigating. He looks in horror at what he's reading.

EDIT: For a more accurate (and clearer!) summary from athena8 go here.

Back to Blade, Aya and Velvet. AYA asks what he just did, and Blade tells him it's all thanks to Project Noir. He asks AYA why he fights and AYA says it's to destroy him and get back his truth.

Blade controls his arm and AYA starts to remember Project Noir. Blade reveals that Mixed Paranoia was created through Project Noir, while AYA was created by Project Weiss.

It's a game between the two teams of lab rats, Weiss versus Schwarz Noir... Blade says.

Back to Garagara, who is wondering whether AYA knows and what to do. Suddenly there is a voice nearby saying, "No, it's useless." It's Noi. (And then I realise either Miwa is alive and Garagara is talking to him OR he's been talking to himself the whole time. Suspect the latter.) Either way, the track ends here.


Aya is being manipulated by Blade and...

...in walks Kuro. It's reported that Volt and Bonemania are dead. It was thanks to Project Weiss that he was able to look as if he died.

(Rushing through this because I'm trying to get to the midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland, which was released today.)

Kuro knocks out AYA(?) and tells Velvet it's all a game. No, he adds. Not Velvet. Takatori Ouka.

Back with Noi and Garagara, Noi erases Garagara's memories.

Velvet and Kuro are talking. Velvet asks who he is. He says his real name is Kurobe Rika (Thanks athena8!). Either way, the NEXT thing he says is "[I'm] the leader of Project Weiss and... Uryuu Tomoe's lover."

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I just came. Download link below.

Velvet Under World #2 The Death

I would appreciate hearing your own summaries since I suck at Japanese. Corrections too, obviously. I've unlocked the summaries of the other tracks, and you can mock at will.
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