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athena8 wrote up a summary of the key points of the VUW drama here. One thing she corrected me on was Kuro's real name, which is Kurobe Rika. Now, I had a quick check through the Enamdic and it turns out this is never a boy's name, not even if you mess around with kanji readings. Tomoe, according to the dictionary, is almost always for girls unless you spell it with these kanji: 具樹. I don't recall ever seeing this name with this pronunciation though.

Since the first CD was of AYA getting "the last name" burned off, I was wondering what could be left after that. Since Kuro was alive, I guess we have some idea. I rewatched Kuro's music video and the last shot is of AYA killing someone who looks like Mister Blade. Is anyone interested in a translation of his song now? Or any of the others?

I heard a rumour that Fake would be in the next drama CD and he'd be played by Iwata Mitsuo. But if that were true, it would've already been announced on the official site or blog. Right? Right?

True or not, it seems about time to introduce the guy who can disguise himself as anyone. If his presence doesn't REALLY mess with the timeline and listener's minds, I'll be surprised. In fact, I'm looking forward to it.

Has anyone else seen this interview? I found it while looking around Animate's store to see if I could find out any information about the next CD. It's pretty old though.

More anime/otaku news:
*Air dates for Kuroshitsuji II. Will I watch? No idea. At least this time around I won't be watching my favourite manga being shat upon. :P
*I also got an email about extra standing "seats" for Dream Live 7 going on sale soon.
Tags: anime, kuroshitsuji, velvet under world

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