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10 May 2010 @ 22:04
Anime news:
Code Geass GAIDEN Boukoku no Akito (provisional title), part of the New Code Geass Project. I presume that the title translates to something like "Code Geass EXTRA: Akito and a Dead Country".

Meanwhile, a nice post full of images of steam-powered travel in Japan: here.

Will be writing up the Kuroshitsuji musical any day now. Was fantastic, with just one problem - Grell. Who would've predicted that? Will probably do a nice review for my blog and a more blow-by-blow account here.

Sorry I haven't been posting much.
sanoiscarisanoiscari on 10th May 2010 14:29 (UTC)
You didn't like Grell? I thought Takuya was great D: Or was it how the part was written? Either way I look forward to hearing your opinions, I always like hearing things from other peoples perspectives =D
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th May 2010 13:16 (UTC)
And... I've failed to write it up again. Once the initial buzz wears off, it's difficult to get it up again to write. Particularly when it's already written up in detail elsewhere. ;P

First off, it was definitely anime!Grell with anime!Grell mannerisms, like all that wiggling. Takuya did great as the part was written, no question. I had a problem with Grell's first appearance.

William: [I can't remember this precisely, but...] So we'll have him--
Ronald [I think... another shinigami, at least]: "Him"?
Grell [sudden appearance stage left]: No no no... not "him", it's her!

So... William bullies Grell at work about her gender identity? William has so many other reasons to dislike Grell (does she have any concept of 'productivity'?), why needle her over that? I was hoping for a bit more depth to him, particularly since the actor seems like he's quite fun (basing this on all the stuff he's done at curtain call). For me, it reflects badly on a character I like.
sanoiscarisanoiscari on 11th May 2010 16:52 (UTC)
Yeah definitely anime Grell but I guess the writers have little to go on as far as manga Grell is concerned. I always get annoyed when I have to write about Grell, if I write "she" people always correct me that it's a "he" and each time I have to go through and explain why I put she and not he but now I just tend to leave it as he or nothing which is kinda sad. I see your point there though, William wasn't the best part in the musical which disappointed me because he is one of my favourite characters also. :/