William (genkischuldich) wrote,

VUW Blog Post [w/ sketch of Pawn]

"Nice to meet you. I'm T, a member of the VUW crew.

Did you read the VELVETSTATION article that appears in the May 20th[*] edition of Kyarabi[**]? If not, please head to Animate as quickly as possible!

We can only reproduce a small section of Kyarabi's content on this blog, but you can see the full version of the interview with illustrator Sakaki Kuuya-sensei[***] and producer Kikuchi Kouichi from tomorrow.

Please check back frequently.

Thank you for continuing to read this blog."

[*] Yes, it's the 19th in Japan too.
[**] The free promo magazine from Animate. The VUW manga appeared here too.
[***] I typed her name into Google to double-check the reading and I think this is her Twitter.

Err... Anyone still interested in a review of Kuromyu? Going to try and get it done today.
Tags: anime, velvet under world

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