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29 June 2010 @ 00:22
Writer's Block: Future forward  
What is the best science fiction movie of all time, and why?

I know the answer to this one! It's Blade Runner (Director's Cut).

1) The future it depicts is neither a utopia nor a dystopia. It's a fairly normal place, just with more tech. Said tech has been around for a while and lost its sheen. I get the sense that Deckard has to pay his electricity bill like everyone else. Or, um, has memories implanted of having to pay his electricity bill. Either way, the world isn't perfect, not everything works all the time and it still rains constantly. Sure, it commits The Flying Car Mistake and the future didn't turn out like this, but it could've and, once you start watching, the film has an inner verisimilitude. I'll take this version of the future over the glossy US sci-fi dramas. Funny enough, the recent Star Trek reboot did the same thing when their new flight deck didn't work perfectly. I liked that.
2) The atmosphere gets its own entry. The rain, the palette... Even the cooling fans give you a sense of temperature. The advertising is constant and, on further consideration, that's pretty accurate.
3) The music by Vangelis. An intrinsic part of the atmosphere and gives a real sense of the lonliness of the city. The right music over a cityscape can be incredibly beautiful. For what it's worth, I think Yukikaze also did this very well.
4) The genre is sci-fi and couldn't exist if it wasn't sci-fi, but the plot is about humans (kind of) and everyone is more than just an archetype.
5) The replicants look cool. I was pretty young when I first saw scenes from the film, but this was my first impression. Still holds up.
6) There has never been a bad industrial song that referenced this movie. Covenant are the best example of this, but I've never heard a bad song titled Tears In The Rain or a variation on it.
The Imp of the Perversegiving_ground on 29th June 2010 08:01 (UTC)
Yeah, they're definitely lighter than a lot of music I've traditionally listened to. They're also a fairly straight-up rock band in origin, but I like what they've been doing on their last few albums - Röd & Tillbaka till Samtiden come to mind - with more synth-y stuff (and I'm listening to their just-out album right now and huh, that sure is some electronic sound, wow!)... still, it tends to be melody + lyrics (especially in Swedish) that make their songs.

*pulls face* can you tell I have no-one to talk to about music who I don't live with? Sorry!