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07 July 2010 @ 22:40
I ended up joining saiyuki_wk_au because they have a rock band theme this month. So you don't need any justification as to why Schuldig is a drunk rock star. You just say, 'not my fault, man. This comm just decided it was the theme okay?'

(By the end of work today I'd sketched five WK-characters-as-rock-stars in my notebook. So.)


On a completely different note, I'm trying to learn Objective-C. I don't know wtf Objective-C is, but I'm trying to learn it anyway. The thing about trying to learn computer programming is that every time you find something that claims to be able to teach it, it starts by saying that their tutorial is great for people who've already mastered C++ or something. And the tutorial for THAT says you should have Java. Then it goes back all the way to the seventies and to some of the first programming languages. Hopefully the cycle will be broken once it gets to BASIC, 'cause I know that one. I don't need to know how to program the difference engine.

If there's anyone reading this who knows about this stuff, let me know so I am at least learning the right thing. I want to be able to write an iPhone app. Somehow.


I went to Hachiouji-jou the other day. It's not really a castle so much as a large-ish nature reserve with a few blocks of rock and a reconstructed bridge and gate. I'd heard that it was haunted and the day the castle fell to the opposing forces 'the rivers ran red with blood'.

However, I'm pretty sure there was nothing dead there. If anything the place was very much... alive. When you looked down, the ground was moving like static on a TV screen. On either side, tiny grasshopper leapt out at you. Rainbow bugs had orgies in the grass. Every time I got out my camera, two or three insects which looked like a cross between a zebra and a mosquito (AKA Asian Tiger Mosquitoes) would land on it. There were a ton of spiders, including one so big I thought it was a kuwagata at first. I also saw a Blue-Tailed Skink, a ko-oni-yanma and what was probably a Ruby-Spotted Swallowtail around a shrine dedicated to Kannon.

Oh yeah and there were signs warning for mamushi.


Some links:

(A) I thought this NOT SAFE FOR WORK comic strip was Rather Good. I wouldn't look around the site because you'll just hate me for liking it - it's a fantasy/sex/comedy webcomic that is frequently on the boundaries of good taste (and in my estimation crossed it... once.).

(B) The results of the Bulwer-Lytton 2010 contest are now up.

(C) I was thinking of going to the Tokyo International Book Fair on Saturday or Sunday. Not really sure what to expect though. Anyone else going?

(D) GOTHICMADE has a trailer up, which will be available for a limited time only. It's quite nice and I may go an see it, but it doesn't look like anything groundbreaking... yet.
Iczer6iczer6 on 7th July 2010 15:01 (UTC)
Hey I love 'Oglaf' comics. Her version of the 'Boy who cried wolf' cracks me up every time.

May I ask which comic you felt crossed the line?
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th July 2010 21:57 (UTC)
Me too. :-) This one is the one I felt crossed the line and the reason I can't share the link with people. Not without a lot of warnings anyway.
Iczer6iczer6 on 7th July 2010 22:23 (UTC)
I thought that might be it.

I always figured this one would be the one that sets people off.
nekonexus on 7th July 2010 15:46 (UTC)
Re: your rant about how hard it is to find tutorials for Objective-C? Perhaps you're not using the right search terms (ie "for beginners" or "for non-programmers").

Try starting with the ubiquitous Hello World app. You don't need to know any languages to make it work. It's ye olde learning tool.
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th July 2010 22:02 (UTC)
It wasn't really a rant per se. I wouldn't have joked about the difference engine if it were. :-)

I'm certainly Googling 'for beginners' but it seems that most programmers, by the time they get round to writing stuff down, have forgotten what beginners actually know. It doesn't help that I want to write an iPhone app, so there's a ton of info out there, most of it bad.

Thanks for the link!
Sabinapetronia on 7th July 2010 16:38 (UTC)
Hachiouji-jou has got a history in Mirage of Blaze, iirc. XD
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th July 2010 22:04 (UTC)
It seems fairly famous if you're into Japanese history, but obscure to most other people. The Hojo clan were not the winners, after all.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: COFFEE GOES IN COFFEE GOES INdilettantka on 7th July 2010 23:12 (UTC)
Crossing Hachiouji-jou off places to go, ever- OMG LEEZARD!!!

You're way ahead of me, I had to give up trying to figure out how to install "one-click" blog software on my website. I am so out of date with anything vaguely coding or programming-related, it makes me feel like Great-Aunt Eugenia on the basement computer asking how to turn on the internet.

Book fair... oh... Big Site.. maybe not. XD
William: Photography: Glassgenkischuldich on 12th July 2010 14:54 (UTC)
...Is the lizard the good part or the bad? I don't see how anyone can hate lizards. I usually judge how good a park or nature reserve is by how many I see.

I can help you with that! The difficult part is customising, but I did it in the end.

Very wise. It was shit. ^^