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Tiny update before I go to sleep.


New blog post: Meat Meat Meat (Yakiniku in Sendai).


Tokyo Toy Show this weekend and Machine Magic (goth industrial event). Anyone want to go?


I saw Odoru 3 at the weekend. I thought Odoru 2 was better; this one was still funny, but the pacing was terrible.


I previously mentioned saiyuki_wk_au's rock star AU month. Here are goth lyricist Crawford and groupie Aya-chan, beautifully done in MSPaint. Okay, not MSPaint, but could you really tell the difference?

In any case, I'm really more about the concept than the artwork. I wrote a story, which I haven't typed up yet, but not even a lack of talent could stop me from trying to draw them too.

(Texture is from Bittbox.)
Tags: culture, event, fanart, food, jblog, movie, weiss kreuz

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