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First off, this might be the most awesome photo ever.

Another link, this time Star Wars-related.

I think everyone has seen the "I Write Like..." meme already? My SFJ.com blog comes up mostly with Dan Brown. Is that really a bad thing? He has an enjoyable voice and style... it's just his plots, characters, twists and lack of research that are the problem. I'm going to assume that my blog is fast-paced and dramatic. Having said that, since so many people are getting him, I suspect it's the default option just like when you're writing online quizzes. I got Nabokov when writing about Tenimyu though. Why would that be, I wonder...?

The first chapter of my original fic was Douglas Adams. Oh dear. Adams had a very simple style which perfectly conveyed his ridiculous and intricate plots. And he was funny. I'd love to be able to write stories like him, but I don't want to write like him. Does that make sense?

(Apparently this journal entry is like that of Edgar Allan Poe. What?)


I mentioned previously that I was going to the Tokyo International Book Fair. One of the first stands I saw was for Dianetics, so pretty much all credibility was lost immediately.

However, I did see a stand for the J.TEST which is a TOEIC-style test for non-native speakers of Japanese. One of the main advantages is that, unlike the JLPT, you don't have to select a level for yourself (except between Special A - D and E - F tiers). You don't fail, you just get a lower number of points. Apparently, not only do you take your test paper home, the results also tell you what questions you missed.

It has to be said that their level descriptions and corresponding JLPT levels don't really match up though. I initially decided that I was probably 'able to undertake a business trip to Japan' (I take part in a lot of curriculum-planning meetings, after all) but not yet able to 'conduct business in Japan'. Then I read the small print: these descriptions are above the equivalent of JLPT1...

Unless I hear something negative, I plan to take the test in November. They also have one in September, but I might be too busy with A Midsummer Night's Dream around that time. Anyone want to join me?

Also... anyone want to come to the Tokyo Toy Fair this Saturday or Sunday?
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