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18 July 2010 @ 12:32
I didn't post a productivity update yesterday, but I was productive. The day before, I succeeded in going to bed before 12, but failed to do any real work.

Yesterday, I went to the Tokyo Toy Fair (steampunk Pullips and jungle shougi!) and then to Karigurashi no Arrietty (so good!). I'm going to do two blog post today and then head off for a live in Shinjuku. Tomorrow is a national holiday, so I have plenty of time.

Also going to work on a practical redesign of my blog. I'm going to be using 'jumps' from now on. Because I've only ever blogged using LJ-based code, I didn't know there was a special 'read more' code for WP. I'm also going to be trying out a 'top posts' section, see if that has any effect.
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L.impressioniste on 18th July 2010 03:50 (UTC)
Yay for holidays :)

Also, I'd read about the WP code one time, and it really just made my brain hurt :(
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th July 2010 21:59 (UTC)
I probably haven't read enough about it yet because it's not making my brain hurt. It's more like "I never even knew you could do that!"
ext_109169 on 18th July 2010 17:45 (UTC)
Confused. Do you mean the tag?

I don't use it much although I think, if you do, people reading your blog via an RSS feed on LJ would still get the whole thing. Of course, if you just want to fit more posts on the screen/make the page easier to load...
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th July 2010 22:01 (UTC)
Yeah, the tag.

That's good, although I remember seeing options to change that. But it would tidy up my front page, improve load times and move people on more quickly if they're not interested in the subject of the post.