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21 July 2010 @ 22:57
I went out with dilettantka to West Park Cafe, which was pretty good. We talked Japanese, Wordpress and designing stuff. I'm still on a high from Design Festa and want to make something ANYTHING.

The day before, I went to Machine Magic. One of my friends (E) helped design a new cyberpunk 'shiny thing' for one of the vocalists. E came to the front of the audience to watch and noticed me lurking in the darkness, so high-fived me. I'm slowly getting used to all these non-ironic high-fives now. At least think we're not being ironic. Or is that part of the irony?

(As I was heading to Kabukichou, a Christian group stopped me and tried to get me to join their church. I must have been particularly well-dressed that evening.)

With so much stuff going on, I've fallen behind in sleep yet again. However, doing stuff instead of writing about stuff is hardly a bad thing. I'm going to try and give priority to AU bandfic (limited timeframe) and my own "novel", plus a review of Arrietty. I need to get that review out as soon as possible to get the traffic in a couple of months time. :)


kuroe said he liked hearing about what I was reading. Well, I just finished reading the short story "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". It was so short it was shorter than the length of my commute.

Very readable, very funny at first and had a strong voice. Some of the attitudes of the day are a bit tiring, but I like to think that as the influence of a somewhat unreliable narrator (or at least with his own personality and opinion). I think I'm meant to be getting something more from it... perhaps an insight into the nature of life/death and what happens next to Benjamin Button. Or perhaps commentary on the nature of aging? Either way, I can't imagine how they turned it into a film.


Finally! Tokyo Toy Show 2010 report.

Gojyo and Schuldig by indelicateink.
snakesinspace on 21st July 2010 14:34 (UTC)
Would it be possible to post a link to your Toy Tokyo entry on steampunkjapan? I am in love with the dolls and saving up to purchase them.
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd July 2010 13:00 (UTC)
Not a problem! I love seeing my site linked in other places. :)