William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Elton John said to be writing musical version of Animal Farm (I like musicals, I like Orwell, but I don't care much for Elton John...)

Art from Ryohei Tanaka (Stranger)

More WK randomness.

Baby names that are increasing the fastest in popularity from sharona1x2 (Tenley is a horrible name... but I wouldn't object so much if it were Tenri (ex. 天理) or Tenrei (ex. 天鈴).)

Productivity report:

1) Finish the current chapter - YES.

2) Ring my UK bank - FAIL.

3) Fireworks display - FAIL. Just too tired...

Goals for the rest of the evening and tomorrow:

1) Sleep. (It's 11:10, I've already failed.)

2) Start work on the real final chapter. The final one before the epilogue anyway.
Tags: anime, link dump, musical, weiss kreuz
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