William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Weiss Kreuz fic exchange planned A little old, perhaps?

This is just a stupid meme thing where you put in your name and it tells you if you're seme or uke. I got this message and cracked up: Williamは『天然受け』です。[PARTNER]は『攻め寄りのリバ』です。今夜も頑張ってください。

Next LJ Photophile theme contest

Hourou Musuko official anime website now up and making me want to stab things. English Wiki entry on the series. Perhaps you can guess why.

Mecha design for new Code Geass

Spam From Japan: Upcoming Japanese movie releases

Spam From Japan: Japanese Kids' Impression of Britain

I rewrote my synopsis from scratch. It's now complete and two pages long when double-spaced. I'm just not sure if it's any good and/or captures the spirit of the novel. The setting and background is really important to understand character motivations, but I need space to describe the plot. I even omitted a big space battle, which I'm sure isn't a good idea.

On the upside, I wrote two blog posts. Once again, I say to you: I will get query letters out this weekend.
Tags: anime, jblog, trans, weiss kreuz, writing. meme

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