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Dreaming of a [info]weiss_kreuzmas? Coming soon to a flist near you!

Spider-Man The Musical preview The Spider-Man Musical (Spideymyu?) is already a trainwreck, but one I'm interested in. Not so keen on this song, but I'd have to see it with a dance routine to see how it worked.

IKEA Let Loose A Herd Of 100 Cats Into Store To See What Happens... And To Create Viral Marketing Buzz

Being a Foreign Hip Hop Diplomat in Japan

Writing progress:

I edited my query letter today and I'm really happy with it. I think it's awesome. I just wish it described some OTHER book so I could read that instead of what I've actually written.

The synopsis is still horrible though.

My plans are to see what J says about the query, the synopsis and the first ten pages, then sit on them until next weekend. And I'm not promising to send anything out this time around.
Tags: anime, fanfic, link dump, weiss kreuz, writing

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