William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Astronomy Photographers of the Year 2010 Winners

Yakumo anime: new PV It's not a particularly good PV, but it looks like the kind of anime I'd like. Which makes it a good PV, I guess.

Eigo Note If you know what Eigo Note is, this is HILARIOUS. They've used REAL dialogues and tracks from the semi-compulsory government English program. (via hideincarnate)

Awesome take on steampunk fashion

BBC!Sherlock will air in Russia


I'm getting J to edit my stuff, so I'm moving on to a new story for the time being. Same characters though and same themes. I'm highlighting the stuff in the plot that needs to be changed if nothing comes of the first book so it can stand alone. Hope it doesn't need to do so...

Tired. Had a long meeting today.
Tags: alt, anime, link dump, writing

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