William (genkischuldich) wrote,

My Gmail account got hacked this morning. I knew immediately because it sent an e-mail to my phone too, and probably to a ton of other people's phones as well. I'm sorry about this and I've (hopefully) re-secured my account.

On Saturday, I went to see a production of Tartuffe by the Tokyo International Players in collaboration with Yokohama Theatre Group. It was good -- very clever choice of staging. It was a play-within-a-play which started the minute you walked into the theatre, with a station guard bellowing in Japanese that due to heavy snow, the train would be coming late. It's set in 1941 in a Yokohama train station, where the passengers get fed-up from waiting and decide to put on a play. When the actors exited, they came and sat amongst the audience. Both the passengers and the cast were a mix of Japanese and foreigners, and when they were supposed to be speaking Japanese, they spoke Japanese, and when they were supposed to be speaking English, they spoke English. Very interesting take on Tartuffe.

I have NO clue how the JLPT test went on Sunday. I didn't know what to expect and didn't revise. It seemed both really easy and difficult, being full of vocab I guess I should have learned years ago but skipped over. Half-way through the listening, there was a question about a cat and I went 'kitty......' because my own cat back in England passed away recently. I probably failed the listening.

Here are some links to cheer you/me up:

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