William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year Awards

Art video is banned from museum, so activist shows it on iPad

The worst album covers of 2010? Really?

Japanese Book Covers From The Early 20th Century

What is this?

Weiss Kreuzmas has started! Here are a list of all the discussion topics up till now.

Anime: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

Anime: Showa Monogatari

Anime: Heugemono

Some songs I heard via podcasts and liked:

Plastic World by Colony 5, Genozide by Funker Vogt, Just Like Me by Combichrist (NSFW), Panic Rev by Iris, Super Crush by Distorted Reality and Gothic Pussy by EXT!ZE (NSFW).

After work on Friday, I walked to Tokyo Midtown to have a look at their illuminations. They were far better than I expected and I'll probably have a blog post about them sooner or later. Today, I walked to Goutokuji. The kami there are famous for lieking teh kitties, so I went to pray at the big giant cat.
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