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Thanks to zeto for the virtual Christmas gift!

Christmas: List of Christmas carols from Wiki How many do you know? Can sing all the way through?

US Movies: "Gay" Character In Tron Is Offensive? First of all, Zuse, the guy they're talking about was not gay. You're probably wondering how I can say that with such authority, but it's simple -- he's a computer program. Okay, so Zuse is coded (in the film critic way rather than the programming way) as gay. So is he evil? Nope, he's way too much fun to be considered genuine evil. I found the character likeable and, in fact, the highlight of the movie. The author of the article is trying way too hard to get traffic from people searching for Tron. Err, I guess he succeeded with me.

.gifs: If We Don't, Remember Me: Animated .Gifs From Films

Steampunk: Portrait of a Gentleman

Anime: Ghost In The Shell Solid State Society 3D Trailer

My photography: My photo of Asakusa (If you feel inclined, you can kind-of vote for it by clicking on the '+1' button.)

I spent my Christmas watching Avenue Q with J. Afterwards, we walked to Asakusa for fun, then caught the train to Roppongi for Christmas dinner. There's a great American restaurant there that does a turkey and roast beef buffet. Even the broccoli is amazing -- according to the menu, it was cooked with nuts and oyster sauce, but all I could taste was 'really good broccoli'. They had a selection of US craft beer too -- I recommend Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar.

My cat is now wearing a Santa outfit. He seems pretty happy with it.
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