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28 December 2010 @ 23:25
Kanji/Japanese: I forgot to mention this, but this year's kanji has been declared to be 「暑(ショ/あつい)」 or "warm/heat". This is due to the record-breaking HEAT-wave, the price of vegetables rising suddenly due to the HEAT, the awareness of global WARMing, the Chilean miners survival due to the WARMTH underground and due to Hayabusa's entering Earth's atmosphere. Here's a list of past choices in English

Spam From Japan: The Streets of Tokyo I'm so happy the way these photos came out.

Weiss Kreuz: FIC: All's Fair In Love And War Knight and Ran fic set in Sendai for athena8.

Speaking of Weiss, I noticed a lot of people in the exchange were saying they didn't know much about Schreient, particularly Neu and Tot. Because of that, I decided to type up the following from All That Weiss. It's a quick, hasty translation, so don't take it too seriously. Still, it might help solve those issues about whether Neu is really Asuka or not.

SCHREIEND (Japanese pronunciation: SHURAIENTO)
The young CEO of Kourin Pharmaceutical Company, Takatori Masafumi, poured his heart into creating this team in the image of his father's (Takatori Reiji) bodyguards. These women have no sense of pain or fear of death. They work under Masafumi's mind-control and obey only him. Incidentally, 'Schreiend' means 'garish' or 'violent', but this is just a joke.[*See note]

(ヘル) Hell.
Meaning: Cheerful/Bright/Smart.
Real name: Aoi Chizuru
A former member of the Self-Defense Force. She is an expert in weaponry, unarmed combat and survival.
However, she was unsatisfied with her physical beauty and to achieve her goal of becoming the strongest and most beautiful woman ever, she volunteered to take part in Masafumi's research.
She respects Masafumi and loves him from the bottom of her heart. They attended university during the same time period too.
She is the only one who isn't under his mind-control.
Incidentally, her codename is German, but in English it has an extra, bitter meaning of 'hell'. She is 27.

(シェーン) Schoen
Meaning: Beautiful.
Real name: Kitaura Karen.
In her tween/teen years, she was a model who appeared in many commercials. She was also a regular model in magazines such as "4$B" and "Beauty L".
After that, she made her drama debut in "Kimyou no Ai no Katachi" and became an instant star, but fell prey to drug dealers and lost everything. She met Masafumi after being introduced to him by a TV producer. She is 24.

(トート) Tot
Meaning: Dead.
Real name: Kyouno Nanami.
She is 17, but has a mental age of around 3. When she was 15, her real father raped her and triggered her mental disorder. She reverted to an age when she truly loved him, free from memories of abuse.
She met Masafumi on the streets when he rescued her from a gang of perverts.
Like the other members, Nanami is a guinea pig and the way she loves other people is unusual. Her body is that of a mature adult, but it seems her purity, innocence and obedience has been shaped by a certain man. Nanami misses her papa.

(ノイ) Neu
Meaning: New.
Real name: Murase Asuka.
Youji's partner when he was a private detective. She was captured during their investigation of the international prostitution organisation Riot, plied with drugs and eventually broken down and used as a prostitute herself.
After that, she was sold as a guinea pig to Kourin (and CEO Takatori Masafumi), which was the company used as a front for the international organ smuggling ring Krankenhaus. She has no memory of the person she once was.
Her loyalty to Takatori Masafumi is a false, contrived love. She is 22.

[*] As bemysty points out, Schreient means 'screaming' in German. However, the Japanese bio for the team states otherwise. So now you know what it means in German and what Koyasu (et al) thought it meant!
indelicate ink: wk - kudo - shadesindelicateink on 28th December 2010 15:44 (UTC)
Wow, I never knew all this! Thank you! (And eeeek, Tot and Neu. O_o I think I was operating in a state of plausible deniability re: Neu/Asuka, and am soooo sad to learn her true fate. Poor woman.)
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:41 (UTC)
Glad to have helped!
snakesinspace on 28th December 2010 15:54 (UTC)
Those photos are great. Tokushima is not a city like Tokyo is so while I have lots of countryside I don't get to see the city side of Japan. Thank you for sharing!

(PS something is borked in the code of the post so it is all screwy in the RSS feed. :( )
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:44 (UTC)
Glad you liked them! Am now working on a Kabukicho set, followed by Comiket.

Thanks for the heads up -- LJ is more sensitive to coding issues than regular HTML. When I cut and pasted my URLs, Word automatically inserted a space. I've fixed it now, but it should take a while to show up.
L.impressioniste on 28th December 2010 21:10 (UTC)
I've seen so many mistranslations and mistakes over the years, so thanks for this, even if it is a quick thing. <3
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:45 (UTC)
It probably has its own errors, for sure. Hopefully some of the details help in some way.
miska158: Nagi - Alone and Emptymiska158 on 28th December 2010 23:58 (UTC)
I never knew that Neu was actually Asuka! I figured having someone look like her was just to throw Youji off his game.

Thank you for that!
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:46 (UTC)
You're welcome!
Esinde Nayrall: WeissKreuz -- BAWWWred_squared on 29th December 2010 01:00 (UTC)
She was captured during their investigation of the international prostitution organisation Riot, plied with drugs and eventually broken down and used as a prostitute herself.

Nooooo ;__;

Oh man, this breaks my heart all over again. Thanks so much for translating and sharing this!
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:47 (UTC)
Thanks for reading!
golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 29th December 2010 01:43 (UTC)
KT (or somebody) actually *admitted* that??? Poor Asuka.

Poor Yohji. And she wasn't even dead.
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:54 (UTC)
Yep. I must admit I'm kind of surprised how many people weren't sure about Asuka because that's what it seemed like in the series. Perhaps they haven't seen quite as many WK relationship diagrams which make the connection plain though!
耀爾 工藤 [Yohji Kudou]: painful memorieswirehanging on 29th December 2010 04:05 (UTC)
This is the only account I feel like I can reply with. Bawwww, Asuka.
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:55 (UTC)
Yeah, I think Asuka's is probably the most horrific followed by Tot.
我が愛しき修羅: Doctor Who > It are factbemysty on 29th December 2010 07:16 (UTC)
> Incidentally, 'Schreiend' means 'garish' or 'violent', but this is just a joke.

It can be used as a modifier (like "schreiende Ungerechtigkeit", incredible injustice or "schreiende Farbe", lurid colour), but like that, without context, it just means "screaming".
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:52 (UTC)
I'd heard that and thanks for the confirmation. In fact, it was an attempt to translate this line:


So, regardless of the actual German, I think that 'gaudy' is Koyasu's intended meaning.
(no subject) - bemysty on 29th December 2010 10:57 (UTC) (Expand)
Giethe: Contemplatinggiethe on 29th December 2010 09:55 (UTC)

Asuka. NoOOoOoOo. T___T

Thank you for the translation.
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 09:58 (UTC)
You're welcome!
Pi-chipichi on 29th December 2010 10:04 (UTC)
Thank you so much for this. It's quite a treat to get more info on the ladies!
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th December 2010 10:06 (UTC)
You're welcome. Maybe I should do some more WK translations? I picked up a lot of info on Momoe for my fic.
(no subject) - pichi on 29th December 2010 10:09 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - white_cross_b on 29th December 2010 13:33 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - indelicateink on 29th December 2010 14:38 (UTC) (Expand)
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tirwolftirwolf on 29th December 2010 15:07 (UTC)
Don't know a thing about "All That Weiss". Is there a translation anywhere? Don't know much about the drama CD's. Had found them once a long time ago but have had enough computer crashes since then so I no longer have that info. Never knew much about Ran in Crashers or the Crashers team other than the things that I picked up thru fanfic stories. Is there anything about the background of Schwarz? Have always wondered about their histories (we know Farf's). Thanks so much for the info! It's a shame that more of this wasn't part of the series to help all of us non-Japanese fans along!

BTW- "Hell" typically means "bright" as in describing the sun which would fit if one considers how intelligent she is supposed to be) while "frohlich" (should be an umlaut over that 'o') is used for cheerful, (at least according to my former German teachers).
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 14:24 (UTC)
All That Weiss is an artbook, not a drama CD. Unfortunately, everything that could have been translated about Schwarz has been done, assuming the two Schwarz drama CDs have been translated. There's no secret stash of information just waiting to be translated like with the female characters.

Thanks for the German details. The translation given was 'akarui', which seems to fit nicely.
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 14:30 (UTC)
Momoe's shouldn't take long to translate and I'll see if I can get it done tomorrow. Nothing particularly amazing, except it states that she doesn't actually know the men in her shop are assassins. Which is... strange.

I don't know if there is any info on Ken or Omi. Ken's backstory seems like one big plothole to me. Completely inexplicable.
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - genkischuldich on 5th January 2011 09:50 (UTC) (Expand)
Like I'm down with the Illuminati: Show Youji your money baby!crystaldawn on 30th December 2010 02:32 (UTC)
Thanks for the trans! I've had that book for years, but all I could understand was their names and ages.

I think a lot of Tot/Schreient fans (all... three of us?) have figured she was sexually abused for years now, but it's good to have confirmation on that. The background on Schoen and Neu was good to have, too. Neu's in particular was really sad.
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 14:31 (UTC)
You're welcome! Glad to be of service.
For all your sophisticated Cock-Tailing needs: Weiss Kreuz - Yohji  That's Alrightmidnitemaraud_r on 30th December 2010 03:35 (UTC)
You? Are AWESOME!!

*bookmarks like a fiend*

Poor Asuka! But hey - at least she had a separated at birth twin sister who became a nurse. :-P

I have a lot of fic-reading catching up to do! Eeep! Will get there though! :)
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 14:32 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad it was useful. :)
pingback_botpingback_bot on 30th December 2010 04:15 (UTC)
happier dreams
User indelicateink referenced to your post from happier dreams saying: [...] for the last two posts:  has posted a very interesting translation of the Schreient bios [...]