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28 December 2010 @ 23:25
Kanji/Japanese: I forgot to mention this, but this year's kanji has been declared to be 「暑(ショ/あつい)」 or "warm/heat". This is due to the record-breaking HEAT-wave, the price of vegetables rising suddenly due to the HEAT, the awareness of global WARMing, the Chilean miners survival due to the WARMTH underground and due to Hayabusa's entering Earth's atmosphere. Here's a list of past choices in English

Spam From Japan: The Streets of Tokyo I'm so happy the way these photos came out.

Weiss Kreuz: FIC: All's Fair In Love And War Knight and Ran fic set in Sendai for athena8.

Speaking of Weiss, I noticed a lot of people in the exchange were saying they didn't know much about Schreient, particularly Neu and Tot. Because of that, I decided to type up the following from All That Weiss. It's a quick, hasty translation, so don't take it too seriously. Still, it might help solve those issues about whether Neu is really Asuka or not.

SCHREIEND (Japanese pronunciation: SHURAIENTO)
The young CEO of Kourin Pharmaceutical Company, Takatori Masafumi, poured his heart into creating this team in the image of his father's (Takatori Reiji) bodyguards. These women have no sense of pain or fear of death. They work under Masafumi's mind-control and obey only him. Incidentally, 'Schreiend' means 'garish' or 'violent', but this is just a joke.[*See note]

(ヘル) Hell.
Meaning: Cheerful/Bright/Smart.
Real name: Aoi Chizuru
A former member of the Self-Defense Force. She is an expert in weaponry, unarmed combat and survival.
However, she was unsatisfied with her physical beauty and to achieve her goal of becoming the strongest and most beautiful woman ever, she volunteered to take part in Masafumi's research.
She respects Masafumi and loves him from the bottom of her heart. They attended university during the same time period too.
She is the only one who isn't under his mind-control.
Incidentally, her codename is German, but in English it has an extra, bitter meaning of 'hell'. She is 27.

(シェーン) Schoen
Meaning: Beautiful.
Real name: Kitaura Karen.
In her tween/teen years, she was a model who appeared in many commercials. She was also a regular model in magazines such as "4$B" and "Beauty L".
After that, she made her drama debut in "Kimyou no Ai no Katachi" and became an instant star, but fell prey to drug dealers and lost everything. She met Masafumi after being introduced to him by a TV producer. She is 24.

(トート) Tot
Meaning: Dead.
Real name: Kyouno Nanami.
She is 17, but has a mental age of around 3. When she was 15, her real father raped her and triggered her mental disorder. She reverted to an age when she truly loved him, free from memories of abuse.
She met Masafumi on the streets when he rescued her from a gang of perverts.
Like the other members, Nanami is a guinea pig and the way she loves other people is unusual. Her body is that of a mature adult, but it seems her purity, innocence and obedience has been shaped by a certain man. Nanami misses her papa.

(ノイ) Neu
Meaning: New.
Real name: Murase Asuka.
Youji's partner when he was a private detective. She was captured during their investigation of the international prostitution organisation Riot, plied with drugs and eventually broken down and used as a prostitute herself.
After that, she was sold as a guinea pig to Kourin (and CEO Takatori Masafumi), which was the company used as a front for the international organ smuggling ring Krankenhaus. She has no memory of the person she once was.
Her loyalty to Takatori Masafumi is a false, contrived love. She is 22.

[*] As bemysty points out, Schreient means 'screaming' in German. However, the Japanese bio for the team states otherwise. So now you know what it means in German and what Koyasu (et al) thought it meant!
Like I'm down with the Illuminati: Show Youji your money baby!crystaldawn on 30th December 2010 02:32 (UTC)
Thanks for the trans! I've had that book for years, but all I could understand was their names and ages.

I think a lot of Tot/Schreient fans (all... three of us?) have figured she was sexually abused for years now, but it's good to have confirmation on that. The background on Schoen and Neu was good to have, too. Neu's in particular was really sad.
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 14:31 (UTC)
You're welcome! Glad to be of service.