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29 December 2010 @ 23:36
Spam From Japan: Photos From Kabukicho

Science: Lightning X-ray

Cats: Rare Saharan Cheetah Photographed in the Wild

Music: My Winter by Deine Lakaien and Fairytale of the North by Tyske Ludder (NSFW!).

Went to Comiket today and took some cosplay photographs, which I'll be posting to my site very soon. I managed to get permission to post them online, and even got a few e-mails addresses so I can send them their photographs. I really need some business cards though.

I think perhaps the oddest cosplayer I met was the Eiga Dorobou. If you've ever been to a cinema in Japan, there's an ad beforehand featuring this prancing guy with a camcorder for a head warning you not to record the film. So, that guy. The nicest were a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group with Ciel, Sebastian and Trancy. Trancy had been to Wales...! So, I tried to take nice portraits for them all.

I'm just worried the photographs won't have turned out well. I tried to do some fancy stuff -- mainly snapping out of auto-focus and focusing sharply so that the people and buildings behind were out of focus. If it works, they'll look fantastic. If not...

And yeah, there were Nazi cosplayers. AS ALWAYS. What is it about these events that make people go, "Hm, Hello Kitty... maids... butlers... I GUESS I'll GO GET MY HITLER OUTFIT." Seriously, WTF?

Afterwards, I decided to walk from the Big Sight to Tokyo Station. What I didn't know was that you've got some amazing views on the way there, with the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree clearly visible either side of you. It probably looks amazing at night. It also took me through Tsukiji, which I've been meaning to visit for ages. Trouble is, the minute I decide to go, they always slap a ban on foreigners attending the auctions. I was just passing through, but the first thing I saw was this guy, half of his face obscured with a black scarf, surrounded by quartered cross-sections of tuna in buckets. You know how big a tuna is? Yeah.
Beccaumbrellaofdoom on 29th December 2010 16:38 (UTC)
I have a discount code for moo.com if you want to get some really good coupons. I get a lot of great feedback from my cards.
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th January 2011 11:45 (UTC)
That's very tempting, thanks. How much do they cost usually?
Beccaumbrellaofdoom on 4th January 2011 12:04 (UTC)
$19.99 for 100. I'm not even half way through mine, but they're handy to have. I even found a way to but a barcode on my card so people could access the site on their phones. :D