William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Spam From Japan: First Sunrise of 2011 (Photographs) I love these photographs!

Spam From Japan: Cosplay Photographs From Winter Comiket

US Music: DJ Earworm Mashes Up The Top US Hits of 2010 I don't know half of these songs...

Japanese Stage Shows: A Clockwork Orange stage show performed in Tokyo I wanted to see this! I wonder if they have toujitsuken?

Weiss Kreuz: Master list of all Weiss Kreuzmas fics

I've been inundated with comments lately -- thank you so much! But there are a lot to get through and I'm not feeling well (cold, blocked nose). My first resolution of 2011 will be to answer them. Thank you for your patience.

Last year's resolutions? I sent out more query letters and refrained from sleeping with William Shatner (Don't ask). A success all round.

1. Send out more query letters.
2. Work on my photography.
3. Write more, read more.
4. Gym. Verb left unspecified.
5. Do more Stuff.
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