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Japan Stage Shows: Clockwork Orange (Tokei Jikake no Orange) Toujitsuken Details More for me than for you, sorry.

Weiss Kreuz: TAKATORI!!!!!111!

Now for a the translation I promised for Momoe. Her bio comes in two parts - her entry alongside the main players from Kapitel (Weiss, Schwarz, Schreient, the Takatori family and others) and snippets from a fairly exhaustive Alphabet of Weiss. According the official Weiss timeline, the Kirigasaki Home mission happened just after Ouka is killed and just before Takatori Shuuichi is killed.

Incidentally, Yamaguchi Momoe shares her name with a singer who was popular in the 1970s. One of her most famous songs was Cosmos and she retired to marry her love Tomokazu Miura. Early on in her career, the most prolific composer for her was Tokura (different name kanji though -- you'll see what I mean later). More info here.


Those Connected To Weiss


Her full name is Yamaguchi Momoe. Around 80 years old, she works part-time tending the flowershop, the Koneko no Sumu Ie. She is starting to become a little senile. Although she works with the members of Weiss, it seems as if she is almost invisible. Of course, she has no idea about the current incarnation of Weiss' double life. Her love, Tomokazu, is also still around. (Actually, Momoe has been part of the flowershop since the first generation of Weiss, while Aya and the rest of the team are the third generation. Who knows how she viewed the ever-changing roster of employees? Surprisingly, it looks like she never noticed...)

Alphabet of Weiss



Momoe's favourite flower. [Unreferenced]

Koneko no Sumu Ie's Old Clock.

When Momoe worked in the flowershop, she would always take care of this clock. When she left the shop for Kirigasaki Home, it stopped working. However, Tokura fixed it. This was the trigger for his recovery from dementia. [Dramatic Collection 3: Kaleidoscope Memory]



Momoe's first love. Reunited with Momoe at Kirigasaki Home, but fell prey to Yamaoka Shigeki and Izumi's plot. [Dramatic Collection 3: Kaleidoscope Memory]



An old woman who works part-time at the Koneko no Sumu Ie. She is always to be found stroking her cat. Her full name is Yamaguchi Momoe. She has taken care of successive generations of Weiss, but knows nothing of them. She has always secretly yearned for her first love, Tokura. When she became embroiled in the Kirigasaki Home plot, she became completely senile. [Dramatic Collection 3: Kaleidoscope Memory]
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