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16 January 2011 @ 19:49
Space: This giant green blob will devour us all
Movies: Sci-fi (etc) Movies 2011
Movies: First shot of the live-action Captain America Nice redesign.
Japan photography: How to shoot Tokyo in 48 hours Hmm. I'm linking to this article precisely because I don't think much of its advice. It's basically a how-to on getting the most cliché shots of Tokyo in the shortest amount of time. Other opinions?
Anime: Nyanpire As the name suggests, it's about a cat-vampire.
Music: Blind Man by Culture Kultür (clip), Lightbringer (Radio Edit) by Covenant and Radio Sex by Cellmod (Sample, look under 'songs'). I guess this is a sign that I've been listening to fairly new goth/ebm stuff if I can't easily link to the songs.

Spam From Japan: Goth Event at Wildside Tokyo in Shinjuku Lots of photographs of goth musicians from the event, including Psydoll and Sredni Vashtar.

Anyone else want me to add their blog to the sidebar on my website? I would prefer it was connected with the themes in my own blog in some way -- photography, musicals and stage shows in Japan, goth events in Japan, teaching in Japan, living overseas... etc. And a link back is nice too. :)

Yesterday, I went to a park in Tachikawa. There isn't much there right now -- I saw daffodils and plum blossoms. Pretty much everything is in preparation for spring visitors. I'll probably do a post on that either today or tomorrow, since daffodils are the flower of the moment.
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th January 2011 12:30 (UTC)
An underground event is a tricky thing. It's fine at the vast majority of goth/industrial clubs, which is where I got my recent set of photographs. I also sometimes go to a goth club night that has a bondage scene at about 3/4am and taking photos is the norm. I would NEVER have assumed it was, but everyone else -- regulars included -- just pulls out their cameras! At kink-specific events NO ONE is allowed to take photos except for the official photographer who has his own booth. So it varies.

Actually, the ONE photo I liked of his was the last one. Seems like one of those cases when it really is 'all in the lens'.

And I'm still linking to you... should I take it down?