William (genkischuldich) wrote,

US Comics: X-Men Family Tree Infographic
Weiss Kreuz: Master List of Weiss Kreuzmas fics
Movies/Science: Cameron to shoot footage for Avatar 2 in the Mariana Trench ...But more interesting is the history of the trench's exploration.

I didn't make the lj_photophile poll this week, but a friend did! If you go to the voting page, you'll see the third one down (by "tattooedlady") is an eerie shot of the backstreets of Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. So go vote!

Went to the comedy workshop yesterday -- still enjoying it, but I really sucked this time around. It was more about just thinking of things out of thin air this time, which I'm not good at. There were also more people this time, more group work, and it turned out I was one of only five who signed up for pizza afterwards. Will check how many people are doing that next time.

But there was one scene during the performance section that was so funny. It was a game where one person is an interviewer, once person is an expert on something suggested by the people watching, and another three people act out slides. The suggestion this time was "Dead Poet's Society", which I wouldn't have known what to do with, but they turned it into grave-robbing... with Robin Williams. Laughed so hard.

I will volunteer during the performance section next time. Probably.

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