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Space: Five Earth-sized Planets Spotted in our Galaxy
Internets: Webcomic Switches Pictures on Anti-gay Organisation
Art? Site Scrapes Facebook Data to Create Fictional Dating Site
Gaming: Yakuza Review Yakuza 3 (via impressioniste)

I saw both Gantz and Red this weekend. I liked Red, but though Gantz was rather bad.

Red was lots of fun, with dialogue that sounded like something Warren Ellis would write, but since he wasn't involved in the script, probably didn't. It had great special effects that made things look effortless and cool. And, once again, fantastic dialogue.

Gantz was hilarious. But disgusting. I think those two key things may have cancelled each other out though. I'll see the second one, but it really is a B movie to watch with a bunch of friends and a ton of beer and pizza. Of course, there's a vast difference in budget between Gantz and the type of movie you'd pick for one of those nights, but the unintentional humour is the same.

I actually checked Wikipedia to see if it was a comedy because I could have sworn I'd heard that it was psychological, gory horror. It was certain nasty and gory -- but why did I laugh so hard?

The first alien was kind of funny -- it was from Planet Negi and so it had a bunch of leeks (type of negi). Then they blew its brains out with a special gun -- and this bit was grotesque indeed. Limbs dropping off right and left, heads exploding. I wasn't sure if I could sit through the rest of the film, but this scene is actually the worst of it.

The next alien was from Planet Tanaka and a cross between "Where's Wally?" and "OH! Mikey". This was hilarious and completely incongruous with the Serious setting (like all the aliens, in fact). I laughed hard as it attacked at super-speed.

Final boss alien (from Planet Angry Man iirc) is hiding inside a statue in a temple. This scene is impossible to read -- the scene is unbelievably tense, but by the end of it they're fighting a giant statue of a Buddha.

This movie is BAD, but I get a lot out of Bad movies. It's probably for the best for the Americans that they dubbed it because then you'd actually have to acknowledge that, yes, that is the real dialogue and not some poor translation or voice-acting. When it tried to be Serious, it was funny, and when it tried to be Very Serious it was nasty. Next one is out in April and they're promising that 'everything will be explained'.

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