William (genkischuldich) wrote,

True Love Story: Marriage After Meeting At Anti-Gay Camp

Anthropology: Australopithecus afarensis Likely Walked On Two Feet

Discoveries: Sunken Ship Commanded By Real Life Moby Dick Captain Discovered

News Photography: (Warning: Graphic) Time Cover Photo Is World's Best News Photograph

Baby Animals: Baby Ocelot

Tiger Mask: After Mass Donations To Orphanages, Tiger Mask Live Action Announced

Music I Liked: Edge of Dawn - Capsized, Society Burning - Nausea ad Nauseum [Official Video], DeviantUK - Bad Influence [Live], System Syn - Losing My Religion and In Strict Confidence - One Drop.

Spam From Japan: Mt. Nokogiri in the Snow

I went to Mt. Nokogiri on Saturday and am still left with an empty, eerie feeling about the place. Maybe it was standing on a rocky outcrop and looking into the place described as 'A Glimpse of Hell' (Jigoku Nozoki). Or the hundreds of grinning and headless statues. Or the desolate grey of an empty town with its cheery billboards advertising the place as the number one town for daffodils in Japan. Either way, this strange, unpleasant feeling hasn't left me yet. I think I posted some great photos from the trip though, so please take a look.

I got my results for JLPT N3 and I passed! I've always said my reading was far better than any other skill, but this proves it... 60/60 for the reading section. I should attempt N2 next.

Hope I shake off this weird mood soon.
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