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Links and a translation of The Meeting from All That Weiss.

Today's links:

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Because one person asked for it...! A quick translation of "The Meeting" from the official artbook "All That Weiss". Please note that there is some strong language in this piece. Japanese version follows afterwards because I can't translate for crap. I'm better than nothing, but probably not better than Babelfish. :)


All for the sake of results.

Humanity will go to extraordinary lengths for the best results. Ideas churn over in their mind; they’ll endure tragedy and work themselves into the ground.

On occasion they’ll even risk their own lives.

But there can’t always be a happy ending under these conditions. Sorrowful tears and angry howls are the real result.

These four men cannot reveal the truth. Only they know of their secret. They burden themselves with the sin of deception and live in darkness in rejection of the light.

In a town without pity, you can believe in Weiss.

Weiss -- The endlessly clear white.

Somewhere in Tokyo, there's a certain flowershop known as the “Koneko no Sumu Ie”. It’s here you can find four seemingly-ordinary men. At first glance, they have nothing in common. Their ages and upbringing differ wildly.

They share just one thing – hearts filled with darkness.

Our first is Hidaka Ken. A child at heart, he’s a gentle soul with a strong belief in justice. He was once the youngest player to join the J League and an excellent goalkeeper. He was admired by young soccer fans everywhere until the day he was thrown into hell. As children’s dreams were crushed and the trust his closest friends had in him was destroyed, he became one of the damned.

The next is Kudou Youji, who is somewhat superficial and overly protective of women while being cold towards men. He was once involved in the world of private investigation, but got caught up in the wrong case and became one of the damned.

Tsukiyono Omi is a fresh-faced boy with a cheerful smile. As a high school student, he’s the youngest member of Weiss. Although young, he is a decisive multitasker. He excels at persuasion and making sales, which means he has lots of friends, but the darkness hidden in his heart runs the deepest.

Finally, their leader, Aya. His name was Fujimiya Ran, but that life was snatched away, along with anything else he once had. Whatever mission he’s faced with, he’ll accept it with grim determination, which has earned him the title of ‘the man who abandoned happiness’.

This is the day. The day on which these men first received these orders.

“Go to the 'Koneko no Sumu Ie' flowershop in Tokyo. There, await further instructions.”


“Woah, who’d expect a high-tech set-up like this in a basement of a flowershop?” Ken looked around the room with wide eyes.

“I’m Omi,” said a voice. “Did the boss call you too?”

“Yeah, I guess. I had to come all the way from Kagoshima.”

“So, what’s your name?”

“All these fucking questions! Do we really need to hand over our names? I’m here to do a job. When it’s done, I’m gone. You don’t need my fucking name!”

Omi held Ken’s gaze and tried to choke back the tears.

“Um… Hey… Okay, fine. It’s Ken. My name is Ken.”

“Ken-kun? I’m Omi.”

At that point, one more person appeared. Like Ken, he looked around the basement in surprise. Omi called out to him.

“Hello! I’m Omi. This is Ken-kun. How about you?”

“The name given to me in Tokyo by Kritiker was Aizaki Gonzaemon. That will suffice.”

“Tokyo? Too bad, I had to come all the way from Kagoshima,” said Ken.

“I came from Matsuyama,” said Omi.

The man thought for a moment. “So we were all summoned here, it seems. I get it now. I came from Kobe and the name’s Youji. It looks like we’re going to be working together for long time, so -- although I don’t like men – I’m gonna be relyin’ on you, Omi-chan!♥”

Youji winked and Omi felt his face glow.

“We’re doing what for a long time? With this smarmy asshole?” Ken looked disgusted.

“What did you say, you fuckin’ dumbass?”


“Yeah, ‘cause you don’t understand the situation and you can’t figure out what’s goin’ on around you, so that makes you a fuckin’ dumbass!”

“You bastard, if you say that once more…!”

Youji and Ken lunged at each other as the fourth man appeared.

“What the hell’s going on? There’s an old lady upstairs trying to have a nap.”

“That’s the saleswoman for this flowershop,” explained Omi. “Her name’s Momoe-san and her love, Tomokazu-san, is here too. She’s still got some life in her, you know. Anyway, she’s an ordinary person who doesn’t know anything about all this.”

“And who might you be?” enquired Youji, looking at the man who had just arrived.

“My codename is Abyssinian. You may call me Aya.”

“Pretty straight-forward, ain’t ya?” Ken tried to hold back his laughter.

“From now on, we’re a team… somehow. If we don’t know anything about each other beyond our names, it’s going to be impossible to work together. We need to try and get along.”

“A team?” Ken yelped, his eyes wide.

“Yeah, thought so,” said Youji.

“What kind of team?” asked Omi.

“You don’t know?” replied Aya without hesitation. “We’ve been chosen. Chosen from members of Kritiker scattered across the country. Chosen to carry out the highest form of judgement.”

Youji nodded. “And this must be our new place of work. We’re not working as Kritiker anymore, but as dark executioners with this place as our base.”

“Dark… executioners?”

“That’s right. From now on, we’re the dark executioners ‘Weiss’.”


In each man’s soul, memories whispered to them.


These four men have different backgrounds and each one lives in their own darkness. The team was, perhaps, formed not by chance but out of necessity. The flame which brought them together burns brightly inside each member.

They are the dark executioners.

And so Ken yells out.

“I don’t care if those that saved me are demons or angels! I won’t waste this life you gave me! I’ll uncover the truth! Thank you for waiting for me, Kouichirou and Chiho. Thank you for waiting until the day I cast these monsters through the gates of hell!”

Youji chokes out these words into the darkness.

“I’ll expose and destroy every prostitution ring across the world! Wait for me Asuka. I’ll find you. And I, Youji, will save you with my own two hands. Because an enemy of women is an enemy of mine.”

Aya whispers into the silence.

“I won’t forgive them. Those who wield their authority to trample the weak. Those whom they say the law cannot punish. I, Aya, will punish them. Even if I’m cursed, even if the demons of hell consume me, I’ll abandon happiness and my sense of pity and march onwards without fear. I’m neither demon nor shinigami -- I’m just a murderer.”

And then there’s Omi, who stares into space.

“There’s nobody to talk to me... I can’t talk to anyone... Who... Who am I...?”

Memories whisper to these four men and so the legend begins. The threads of destiny pull at them...




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  • (no subject)

    Well, the news about Nova has finally hit Britain. We're on the BBC ! On Friday, branches were closed and a message posted that they were to be…

  • (no subject)

    I went out for karaoke and kimchee nabe with kurayamihimitsu -- she treated me! ♥ I haven't been to karaoke for months... Anyway,…

  • (no subject)

    As I mentioned before, my parents, little brother and his girlfriend are here, so I'm doing all the stereotypical tourist things, some for the second…