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I promised some links after all this time. Some of them are pretty old and I discarded a whole bunch of them for being meaningless -- like a J-league footballer dedicating his first goal after the earthquake to Tohoku or something along those lines. There's more news coming out by the day, not all of it worthwhile, but for a time I did copy-paste the link to every single one.

Earthquake: Messages translated from Twitter
Earthquake: Yoshiki Donates Piano
Earthquake: Illustrated E-mail From Tokyo
Earthquake: Livejournal of a Tokyo-based friend writing in English
Earthquake: Foreigners Leaving Narita Go Up, Foreigners Entering Go Down
Earthquake Humour: Marauding Mobs in Japan
Earthquake Humour: NSFW Tokyo Comedy Store Stand-Up (See my previous post for my comment on this.)
Internet: Spambots Destroy Political Discussion on LJ? (via golden_bastet)
Music: Adam Lambert with a remix of "Aftermath"
Nature: Shark and Sea Turtle Refuge
NSFW: NSFW Unusually Shaped Fruit
Photography: 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photographs
US Comics: Review of Justin Bieber's Unauthorised Comic Book Biography
Weiss Kreuz: Schuldig Fan Art from indelicateink

Upcoming Anime: Dropping Showa Monogatari from my 'to watch' list just because I'm no longer in the mood. Titles still around are SKET DANCE (April 7th), Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (April 8th), the ungooglable C (April 14th), Deadman Wonderland (April 16th), Ao no Exorcist (April 17th) and my most-anticipated, Tiger and Bunny (April 2nd).

And, finally, Weiss Day 2011! It's done... until the reveal, of course. Hope the WK fans reading this will take the time to look over the fics and rec as they see fit. Unusually, a majority of the fics this year are Weiss AU gen.

Thank you very much to scribblemoose for the virtual gift! It's appreciated!

Today, I made myself garlic bread for lunch and a cup of tea. Other than that, not much. It's been raining heavily for most of the day, although the radiation is continuing to go down to normal levels in Tokyo, despite the fact that rain tends to increase Geiger counter counts. Probably best to check the drinking water levels tomorrow though!

Tomorrow is the first of the month, so I plan to get myself out of the apartment and to the cinema for the first day discount. Hopefully it won't be too rainy and I'll be able to see some cherry blossom too. It's just started to open and it'll be at its best from Monday or so onwards.

We found a replacement series for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, by the way: Venture Brothers. While not perfect, it does the trick for now. Thanks to everyone who suggested replacements.
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