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Earthquake: Map of Japan on March 11th I decided I wanted to know what shindo level of earthquake hit my school on March 11th, and found this map. It was apparently a strong 5 at my workplace, and a weak 5 at my apartment.

Last night there was a 7.something in Miyagi, said to be either a weak or strong six. I must have seen it upgraded and downgraded in the news so many times since then. Either way, we felt it in the apartment as a three. There was no direct damage to the power stations around Tohoku, but some are now running on emergency power since the power is out pretty much everywhere north of Kanto.

The best thing that can be said is that maybe this was the big aftershock we were waiting for?

LJ_Photophile: A Crow and a Magnolia Tree I went to Inokashira Park on Tuesday, as I think I might have mentioned. And the crow photo did come out very nicely. Please +1 if you feel so inclined.

I saw a few more new anime -- Sket Dance and X-Men.

Sket Dan are a school club devoted to problem-solving and random tidying. The first story is centred around an exchange student who the Sket Dan want to recruit. The first half comes across as trying too hard to show the three main members' quirks and just how cool they are. It's fairly common in a lot of first episodes.

I seem to remember this anime got a genuine laugh out of me, which is always good, although I can't remember where. And it had a nice moral about bullying, which is rare in anime. The ending was a *bit* of surprise, in that the viewpoint character didn't join up and probably won't become a main character.

Oh, and Seki Tomokazu is in the mix somewhere (as the hot student council president? Maybe?). I'll see what I think of other anime this season, but will probably drop this one.

Summary: Nice, generic, tried too hard. But happy. I like happy.

Oh, X-Men. This could have been awesome, except for reasons completely beyond your control.

First off, I loved Cyclops and it mostly wasn't because of Morikawa Toshiyuki, who voices him. There was some genuine and understandable angst here. I've never really felt the Scott Summers hate (I've never felt *particularly* interested in him either), but this was done really well.

I didn't particularly care for Storm who has the voice of a generic-but-moe Japanese woman in her 20s. Storm is not moe! Xavier also struck me as wrong, but then I realised he just wasn't sufficiently like the actor in the original US cartoon series. I concede that this voice works too.

But here is the problem that emerges in the second half. It's set in Japan in beautiful snowy... Tohoku. Of all the places they could have chosen...! There's a scene where Xavier states he can sense mutants all over Japan, but nothing in Tohoku. It's tragic where they really didn't intend it. And then there's more sadness when one character says that the X-Men are always available to help those in need. I wish. Really.

The next episode preview shows them going to Tohoku. Will probably drop it for that reason alone.

Summary: Fantastic, but for reasons beyond the studio's control I *probably* won't be watching.

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