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Anime: Blood C Designs by Clamp
Anime: Tenipuri Movie ...They're going to England?
Earthquake: Landmarks Lit Up For Japan
LJ DOS Attack: Check Your IP (via sorion)
Nature: Cat and Dolphin Become Friends (Video)
Weiss Kreuz: AU Weiss Kreuz Fanart (via balljointedomi) I have almost no idea what's going on, but - to my surprise and shame - I CAN read the Russian in the title.
Weiss Kreuz: Youji/Schuldig Fanart (NSFW) (from indelicateink)

I went out for hanami with some friends yesterday. The park was crowded despite there being no extra toilets or rubbish pits -- which actually made it more pleasant.

I start work tomorrow, but not looking forward to it. It's going to be tough for the next seven months, both in terms of workload and pay. And here I thought I was being honest... I'm going to start making bento to take to work. I'm not sure if it's cheaper than school lunch, but a lot of the ALTs are concerned about food quality this year. Quite reasonable, since even at the best of times you hear about stuff like repackaged chicken being sold to schools. And I'm not happy about drinking so much milk right now either. But don't worry, I'm not going to get all LOOK AT THIS BENTO I MADE IT HAS SCHULDIG'S FACE ON IT HIS HAIR IS MADE OF TOMATO SPAGHETTI at you.

Mainly because I don't have the time. ;)

I'm going to be selling some anime/myu/goth goods very soon by the way, although it's mainly to get them out of my apartment before I leave Japan. Should be some awesome stuff that's just not my thing.

Going into media overload now -- partly because it's something J and I can do together, partly it's because it's cheap, and partly because I don't want to think too much these days. Oh, and it's the start of the spring anime season. We've just finished watching every episode so far of Venture Bros, a US cartoon. Despite the name, the focus is not on the boy adventurers of the title, but the "supporting" cast -- that's part of the joke. It revolves around a bitter ex-boy adventurer, now super-scientist, who's (accidentally?) raising his sons to be like him. My favourite character is Henchman 21.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ep1: Onodera Ritsu is a man stuck in a josei anime about being stuck in a shoujo editorial department. The result is an anime so meta that it cannot be over the top, for that is its very trope, and it owns it nicely. The only bit which didn't (initially) work for me was the opening -- when two high school boys meet in the library using every single cliche in the Be-Boy book. Since I didn't know anything about the anime before watching, I didn't know that was the intention until a little later.

What's nice about this is that I'm not even particularly invested in the seme/uke pairing, but more interested in Onodera's work life and learning about the world of publishing. Midorikawa Hikaru makes an appearance too as Mino, but I'm not sure who that is since the official site only has pictures for the two main characters. If my guess is correct though, he plays a very Fuji Shuusuke character in the shoujo department. Whoever does this character has a very gentle voice with an evil edge, which I like very much. Midorikawa?

Summary: Definitely continuing with this one. Love it for the same reasons others will hate it though.

Tiger&Bunny, ep 2: Seriously love this anime so far, due to the strong leads. The main character (Kotetsu) is probably my favourite. He's impulsive but kind-hearted like many a mecha hero, but that's actually shown to be a problem. In fact, he's kind of a loser, despite being basically a nice guy. There's this brilliant bit this episode where he calls Barnaby 'Bunny-chan' and takes the piss out of him in frustration.

I'd like to see more on Blue Rose, who has the potential to be a fascinating supporting character. She's marketed as sexual and a performer when she's made it clear to TV executives in private that she doesn't like that at all. She has the potential to be the most subversive voice on the show.

Summary: Bright colours and strong leads. Love this show so far!

...Just had another aftershock, which registered as a four here. Was bad enough to start pushing the cat into the cat carrier, but it stopped. The floor is still swaying though and I've never really been sure if that's my imagination. It's a bit like being on a boat.

Apparently it was a six in Fukushima and Ibaraki (My phone told me a strong 6, others are reporting a weak six). Tsunami warnings around the coast and the workers have temporarily been evacuated from the power plant. No change in radiation reported yet.

(EDIT: Tepco have lost external power of 1~3 Reactors in Fukushima Daiichi and are trying to switch to diesel pump.)

And we've just had another one (tiny rattling of the screen door) while I was writing this. Aren't these interesting times?

(EDIT 2: The earthquakes haven't stopped for the past hour, although they've got smaller. External power was lost for fifty minutes at Fukushima Daiichi, but they've restarted them around ten minutes ago.)
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