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17 April 2011 @ 02:30
Japanese: Blogger Greets Everyone Just Like The Commercials Instructed [Japanese] Cute entry about a blogger who decides to embrace the message from the recent glut of commercials urging us to greet people more. After the first positive result, people seem happy to respond.
LGBT: Photos 1 and 2 from the march in Shinjuku today from Twitter user hello_liza
LGBT: Photos 1 and 2 from the march in Shinjuku today from Twitter user Nizhniynovgorod
Radiation: Radiation Level in Tokyo Water

Spam From Japan: My Report on the LGBT Rights Rally in Shinjuku

^^ What I did today. Tired now. Maybe yabusame-watching tomorrow.
Mami: fuck lovemami_san on 16th April 2011 16:17 (UTC)
Oh, that blog entry is so cute XDXDXD I'm imagining the looks on their faces as this stranger is all Hello, Hello~ at them. ♥

I want to say something equally encouraging & cheerful regarding the rally, but words are harder, because I feel a rally of this nature in Tokyo is something absolutely incredible and I don't have the words to convey my pride/respect/glee/awe(?). If that makes sense. So imagine instead me doing a silent fist-pump of Yes in my chair that so many people turned up, and instead of saying ううん、ちょっと。。。 they said いや

Also do not let me drink and comment on people's blogs because I will probably not make any sense at all, BUT that is what I feel and think when looking at those pictures.
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th April 2011 07:21 (UTC)
Very mixed reactions indeed. :)

People are really changing their attitude towards everything lately. Like getting angry and the government or getting out there and protesting. I hope it continues and they have something to show for it soon.

Thanks for commenting, regardless of level of drunkenness!
indelicate ink: cowboy bebop - blueindelicateink on 16th April 2011 22:53 (UTC)
Excellent article, great photos!
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th April 2011 07:21 (UTC)
j-mee: ayu smilecoika on 17th April 2011 20:58 (UTC)
That's cool so many people came out in support of the rally. I hope sometime in our lifetime Japan will address most of it's discrimination issues. :D
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th April 2011 07:22 (UTC)
I think it's a good start. Right now, people are starting to express their thoughts in public more and there's a lot of anger at officials right now. I hope it keeps up.