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Yoshiki's Planned Piano Auction Goes Ahead ...30 million yen in five minutes.
Food: Wendy's Natural-Cut Fries A bit biased, but interesting description of the process behind fast food fries.
Radiation: Radiations Levels Across Japan
Writing: Mark Twain Writes To Walt Whitman

I went to yabusame yesterday, got a few pictures but I don't think they were any good. I don't know. Those horses go pretty fast! Afterwards, I had a burger with J at a Hawaiian place near the beach. The chips were crispy and thinner than usual, so they tasted really good.

Onto this week's anime.

Tiger and Bunny #3

"Tiger makes one little comment and pixiv gets flooded with mayo porn." fishlove on tiger_and_bunny.

When I first started seeing the fan reaction to Kuroshitsuji, I was thrilled. People were making jokes and capslocking about a series I genuinely loved. That... didn't really last all that long. Hope the happy feeling lasts with this show.

Sunrise keeps it coming with all the pointless details that makes fans so interested (e.g. mayonnaise), including the issue of 'top' or 'bottom'.

Summary: Still watching!

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi #2

Love the way that the reveal they knew each other wasn't drawn out for too long. I initially thought that the seme would realise and angst or the uke would misinterpret him or something. But no, upon being told straight out what had happened, the uke gets angry and he hasn't misunderstood a thing.

Summary: Like many a yaoi anime, it has silly, over-the-top stuff, but I feel confident it knows how meta it is. Another one I'm continuing to watch.

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control #1

I'll be honest here -- I watched this while drunk and it was awesome. I'm not sure I understood all the weirdness and flashing lights and random architecture at the start, but it was lovely and trippy. I must say, I liked all the well-dressed demons.

The backgrounds are expertly drawn and it feels like part of my everyday life. One of the coolest details is that the main character either lives/works/attends university around my station. They messed up the name a little (probably on purpose), but everything is accurately rendered down to the buildings across the platform.

Summary: Surreal depictions of campy demons grounded firmly in contemporary Japan. Lots of fun, want more.

X-Men #2

I give up on this series. Something is missing. The fact that Cyclops is my favourite character probably doesn't speak very highly of this. The fight scenes are fairly exciting, but no. And yeah, the setting. I already talked about that last time.

I think the more annoying thing was that the climax of this was a Broken Aesop [WARNING: TV Tropes.] where one of the kids mutates horrifically and so the X-Men kill him. There are signs that he's aware of what's going on around him, but they can't change him back, so they kill him. To be fair, he said was hurt, but that may well have been because he was apparently being tortured at the time. Awful, basically.

Summary: Not even getting into the issues with the setting, the episode's denouement was crappy.

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