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28 April 2011 @ 23:20

Izakaya: Kagaya I'm planning to visit in the near future. Just need somebody to go with!
Nature: Green cherry blossom
Nuclear Power: Chernobyl Tourism The people visiting are as interesting as the object of their tourism...
Setsuden: Japanese Firms Ready to Save Power

Stupid cocktail recipe:
'Schuldig' -- a shot of Jagermeister (German, reputed to be made with blood) and Midori (Japanese, signature colour and seiyuu ref) and White Chocolate Cream Liqueur ("Weiss"). Intriguingly, it looks like a purin. That's an effect I'd like to work with.

Oh, and tastes better than the ingredients might suggest.

Watched some more anime -- both [C] Control and Ao no Exorcist hit that precise 'cool spot' with specific characters this week.

Tiger and Bunny #4

I was kinda hoping Blue Rose might be a more subversive voice on the show, but she does have a real sponsor after all. I suppose I could see the advertising as meta -- I'm watching at home, just like the fictional audience. Generally speaking, I recognise that anime doesn't make as much money as many people think it does and this is great business decision. Adds a little realism since the whole point to the superheroes is brand image. Plus I actually like all the advertisers. Ask me about Gyuukaku sometime. :P

Still love the Tiger & Bunny fans too

Summary: Still enjoying this.

Ao no Exorcist #2

The anime starts off in media res, with a few relevant pieces of information restated. In short, the whole first episode was unnecessary and this is where it really starts. And it is AWESOME. There's even a great cultural point that they're facing zombie dogs rather than humans because in Japan people are cremated. Loved Fujiwara Keiji as Father Fujimoto and I wonder if that's really the last we've seen of him. Hope not. Speaking of seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun is being wasted here.

And there's even genuine horror with mushrooms and weird demonic visuals that succeed in being genuinely repellent. I had decided to go ahead with this series even before the sequence after the end credits, when Mephisto Pheles (Kamiya Hiroshi) pops out of nowhere. At that moment, I knew this was definitely a keeper. He reminds me of Masakaki from C.

Summary: From pointless to AWESOME. Start from the second ep if you're going to watch this, although I'll admit it's not a great sign when ep 1 is filler. Subs need a lot of work.

C Control #2

Do we have a new short name for this? I can't even remember the full title and it's in English. I liked the first episode of this, although I think part of the challenge is figuring out the new world Yoga has found himself in. No wonder he's confused if even the viewer has trouble understanding it all. It does seem to be a bit unreasonable to ask him to figure out how to play mid-fight though. There may be 'lucky first-timers', but if there aren't that many, maybe the demons(?) should try explaining the rules.

Masakaki (Sakurai Takahiro) is, of course, one of my favourite characters. You know that. But my number one is Mikuni (Hosomi Daisuke). Not only is he over thirty and yet still hot (an impossibility in animeland), but he's a fallen angel-type. And, surprisingly, it's not literal in this case. He became an entrepreneur years ago and now he's hanging with moneydemons having pretty much lost his soul.

Damn, that's moe. :P

Summary: Mikuni is my new favourite character. Another ep out tonight.
Sharon: FMA Hughes Two Wordssharona1x2 on 28th April 2011 15:03 (UTC)
Loved Fujiwara Keiji as Father Fujimoto and I wonder if that's really the last we've seen of him. Hope not.

That was the saddest part of episode 2 for me. I haven't been hearing him in anime as much lately, and this served to remind me how much I love his voice.

I'm also thrilled to hear Sakurai Takahiro again. He's still my favorite seiyuu (not including Seki Toshihiko). :-)
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th April 2011 15:34 (UTC)
I don't think it was that sad for me, mainly because I'd already read a spoiler for it. Silly, but I'm basing the idea that he'll be back on the fact that he's the one with the most distinctive character design so far.

Yeah, he fell from the radar for a while. Guess he's back. I've never heard of the voice actor for Mikuni before and my liking him was not specifically for his acting so much as the script, but I would like to see more of him.
The River City's Harper: hughcalluminnocentharpergrey on 28th April 2011 21:05 (UTC)
That 'Schuldig' cocktail is brilliant. I'm going to have to try it. (And make everyone else in the house try it, of course. 3/4 of us are WK fans and therefore will definitely be in, and the other one will drink pretty much anything once, so it shouldn't be difficult. XD)
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th April 2011 03:50 (UTC)
If you want the 'purin' effect, mix the Jager and Midori together and then just dump the white chocolate in kinda violently (though not so it spills).

I'll have to think of one for Crawford then too. :)
腹蛇: [bunny] Bzuh?youkofujima on 29th April 2011 01:54 (UTC)
yeah, one of the things that made me go "?" at the first ep of Ao no Exorcist is that they decided to let Rin go into the job and lose it while in the manga he never even made it to the interview before being stopped by the crazy possessed kid. It's almost like they wanted to pace this thing since the manga is a monthly? Who knows.

But ffff the art is stellar for both the manga and the anime. SO much detail. And just you wait to see what Mephisto can do lol.
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th April 2011 03:55 (UTC)
I've never read the manga, so I assumed the anime was following the manga at that point. So that makes it even stranger. Seems like a poor choice to me, but I hope the rest is more like the second episode than the first.