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Dantalian Looks a little generic, and the costume design looks crappy for something that apparently has a brand name gothic lolita sponsor behind it, but the name is intriguing (Dantalion is the Grand Duke of Hell). Features Ono Daisuke and Sawashiro Miyuki.
Anime: Mayo-Chiki I tend to roll my eyes hard at anime (apparently) featuring trans* characters, but this one is trying really hard to make 'em pop out of my head. The trailer starts off with 'the reveal' with the main(?) character discovered sitting down to pee. Not okay.
Anime: OGA: Onigokko Royale Anime based on a game of tag? Sure, why not?
Cats: Black Cat Inside White Cat
Earthquake: Doctor, kids plant trees, pledge to meet 20 years later
Movies: Conan The Barbarian Trailer
Random: Stickers on the Central Line, London
Space: Tiny space telescope reveals 'super-Earth'
Writing: Pictures Returned To Dorian Gray

Spam From Japan: Gantz 2: Perfect Answer Movie Review Spoiler warning for the ending.

I still haven't seen Sucker Punch (the local cinema is only showing the dub) or Onigamiden. I did, however see Tiger & Bunny #5.

Sky High was pretty much a non-entity for me before this, but now I want to see more of him. He seems like the capable version of Kotetsu. I'm glad to see they haven't screwed up Fire Emblem like I was worried about initially (although there's always next episode).

Summary: Great, crack-filled entry. Best ep so far!

Still need to catch up with C and Hatsukoi, to my knowledge. I won't be watching them for the next week, because J is off elsewhere. Feeling sad, but it'll be just fine in little over a week. Pretty selfish to worry otherwise, really.

I have work tomorrow, because it's a school open day. At least I'll be busy. On Sunday it's... Tenimyu!? I keep giving it up, then friends ask me if I want one more hit.
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