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03 June 2011 @ 22:22
Link list

Health: Risk From Mobile Phone Use Officially Uncertain
Photography: Manhattanhenge
Random: Kabutomushi (This may seem bizarre, but I was happy to see something I wrote appear and be reblogged on Tumblr. I can definitely see the appeal of that service and the idea of posting stuff for the express reason of getting it reblogged certainly appeals to my ego! That's probably why I should resist...)
Tiger&Bunny: All-Cast Fanart from kiwimangoodness.
Tiger&Bunny: Bunny and Kotetsu Comic from lishtalicious.

SpamFromJapan: Flower and Insect Macro Photography (Wallpaper-Sized) I love the way these turned out. I think these might be amongst my best photos so far.

LJ Photophile: One of the insect photographs at LJ_Photophile +1 if you like it. Thanks. :)

Still working on the writing, mainly research (Schuldig speaks Polari? Who knew?). Unfortunately I have work tomorrow, so I'm off to bed now. I'll have to consider whether or not to go to Tokyo Dark Castle tomorrow evening. There are some great bands playing.

So tired...
ext_254817 on 3rd June 2011 13:51 (UTC)
A few years back I arranged for one of the scientists from the Health Protection Agency to come and talk to education people about what was really known about wi fi risks (same guy was in Tokyo recently, briefing on radiation). We learned that if you have 3000 PCs in your near vicinity broadcasting wifi, the temperature in your brain would rise by a degree or so and that the other way to make this happen was to catch a cold. We all relaxed a bit about wifi - but mobile phones were another matter. Sadly, you need a long time to pass to do a proper long term study. We're the guinea pigs in our own experiment.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th June 2011 13:24 (UTC)
Is the radiation from mobile phones really that different from wifi? That's not a rhetorical question, I really have no idea. And how do they know more about wifi than mobile phones?

It seems like everything is going to kill us sooner or later.
ext_254817 on 5th June 2011 23:04 (UTC)
Not so much different as closer. Mobile phones release energy right next to your head - add that up for smart phones with super powerful batteries. Standard health and safety advice is to only use them for short calls.

Something is going to kill us all sooner or later. We're not actually built to go on for ever. We are, however, built to withstand a certain amount of radiation. We've got several million solar neutrinos (emitted from nuclear fusion in the sun) passing through every square cm of our skin per day. Certainly puts paid to my theory that I'm so pale I reflect.
balljointedomi: Koneko no Sumu Ieballjointedomi on 3rd June 2011 15:19 (UTC)
I really like the pictures!! Especially of the blue flower + the one below it...
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th June 2011 13:25 (UTC)
balljointedomi: Aya Omi partnersballjointedomi on 5th June 2011 13:11 (UTC)
Can I ask you to help me with this? XD


I totally assumed it means Omi is the one holding the team together, gathering/collecting the members... that solid leader = teambuilder thing, plus Omi's caring personality. It's also translated this way on weisskreuz.ru

Do you think it rather means 'the solid person that keeps Weiss in order'? I am curious about your opinion :) Seems a bit weird to me since it's shown many times that the guys don't care what Omi says at all (the scene where they leave all the work to him because they don't want to look worn out, despite his protests; the scene on the end of Theatre of Pain where Omi tells Ken his order is wrong, Youji he can't give discounts, Aya not to tell the girls to get out and they all totally ignore him haha or when he tries to stop Ken's and Youj's argument in Eternal Angel but it only works when Aya steps in...)
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th June 2011 13:40 (UTC)
Bear in mind that I translate Weiss only because no one else does. My Japanese is very poor. Having said that, as far as I'm aware, the sentence probably breaks down like this:

(Weiss wo matomeru) (shikkarimono)
(To keep Weiss in line) (a strong character [that does this])
= A boy with a strong personality, who keeps Weiss in line.

I think 'shikkari' is not modifying 'matomeru', in other words.

It doesn't seem to play out in canon. But maybe he's having an effect on the other members and they're denying it. Do they continue their behaviour after he tells them off?

I would ask someone who's better at Japanese though!
balljointedomi: Bombayballjointedomi on 5th June 2011 14:10 (UTC)
It's cool :) My Japanese is much poorer than yours :D I am just curious about your opinion.

Yeah, it seems they continue their bahavior... Omi says 'they could help me for a change' as late as in the 21st episode of Kapitel, months after the team was formed (if we go with The Meeting/First Mission; years if with the manga); Aya tells his fangirls off as late as in Dramatic Precious while Omi asks him not to as early as in Theatre of Pain, that takes place shortly after the team is formed...

I would be alright with assuming that 'Weiss' in the sentence doesn't refer to its members... Omi is the one keeping the team (not its members but things) in order as he is responsible for reporting, planning missions, and very reliable. But then the girls in Koneko use 'matomeru' with Omi in the 2nd episode, and they say 'minna o matomeru'-- this time it certainly would be 'he keeps everyone in line'... and I started wondering if the girls don't actually mean that Omi is the one gathering those guy together; the kind, caring one.

Do you think it could be 'a boy with a strong personality who gathers Weiss'? My dictionary lists 'to collect, to gather' as the most common meaning for 'matomeru'...
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th June 2011 14:27 (UTC)
While I think that it could mean 'gather', it's a rather weak verb to use for this. (Weak, because it sounds like a word has been chosen that covers all possible bases in Japanese due to uncertainty and ends up being meaningless in English.)

In translation, it doesn't really matter what the most common meaning is, it has to be the one that fits the sentence. In this case, '(team) wo motomeru' would usually mean to organise, keep in line. Interestingly, it would imply a leader, or leadership skills. :P Maybe he 'bosses them around'? =A bossy kid with a strong personality?

But, see previous disclaimer. Also, it's 11:30pm.
balljointedomi: Yomiballjointedomi on 5th June 2011 14:53 (UTC)
I guess Omi has some leadership skills as he is supposed to be the one in charge in the manga (although in my opnion his characterization in the manga is quite different than in the rest of canon; he is much less emotional and doesn't care that Aya and Ken are going to kill each other or that their flowershop is going to get devastated...) and he ends as Persia :) But from what I see, while Omi is a great manager, he doesn't have *any* authority within the team. Aya does. For example, from Eternal Angel...

KEN: Where the hell'd THAT come from??
OMI: Please! Stop, Ken-kun!
YOUJI: I hear it everytime you walk inside! I've just kept my thoughts to myself until now.
KEN: Th'hell...?!
OMI: Com'on... stop, you two!
KEN: Turn'round and say that to my face, Youji!!
YOUJI: I've no intention of picking a fight. I'm not a kid, after all.
KEN: You big-assed...
OMI: Hey, listen to me!!
AYA: [dropping the book on the table, seeming oblivious] [the rest mutter] Then. Let's begin. Ken, sit. Omi, run the tape Birman brought on the TV.
OMI: [somewhat startled] Ah... right!
AYA: Ken, sit! Or stay in the corner, if you're going to stand. You're in the way of the monitor.
KEN: K'.

How much authority Aya has is the reason that in the fandom he almost always was taken for the leader, even when everyone thought that the manga (where Aya joins last and Omi is introducted as the one giving mission orders for the team), not The Meeting (where Aya is clearly called the leader), is the version of how the team was formed working with the timeline, the anime's prequel... In The Meeting Aya is introducted as the leader and Omi starts crying because Ken is mean. In First Mission Aya's leadership also is very noticable... The same Holy Children, Eternal Angel, Dramatic Precious. Omi is my favorite chara, I think I understand him as a character, and while I think he is very responsible, reliable, a great manager, a decisive multitasker (as The Meeting states), I can't see him as an implied leader... I don't think Omi is a bossy kid, not at all. There is that mentioned scene from Theatre Of Pain... which ends with Omi's frustrated scream because the guys are not as serious as Omi would like them to be XD But this is the only scene I can think of... Omi usually would rather spend the whole night before the computer and do the job alone than argue with his teammates. Youji especially treats him like a bitch.
balljointedomi: Youji the tarzanballjointedomi on 5th June 2011 22:32 (UTC)
Actually, after giving it some thought, I think you might be right with Omi bossing them around :D I had to look at it a different way... Maybe 'bossing' in not the best word, but Omi usually is the one reacting when his teammates (usually Youji and Ken ;)) argue or when something in Koneko goes wrong... In Theatre of Pain Omi is the only one who cares that Ken's order is wrong and that Youji wants to give a girl a discount... Both ignore him, Youji even gets a bit mean, but Omi at least *tries* to keep the guys in line. Aya usually only steps in when the problem is related to their night job; in the example from my previous comment he doesn't care about Youji's and Ken's fighting but gets firm when they can't start watching the tape because of it... He usually is like 'I don't care what you do, as long as it dosn't interfere with the mission'... And we aren't shown everything-- maybe sometimes the guys do stop fighting thanks to Omi's pleas? Dunno, somewhat this scene from Dramatic Precious makes me feel that Omi isn't the one they usually listen to...

Youji: ... So that's it.
Omi: 'That's it'...? Then you're... Saijou's... not...
Ken: No, now it's Saijou's turn!
Aya: [sharply] Wait, Ken. We should hear Omi's decision.
Ken: Whaaa~~t?!
Aya: Omi is one of Weiß. He should decide what Weiß will do.
Omi: Aya-kun...
Ken: [grunts] Hmph.
Aya: Omi, what should become of Saijou Takatori?

[Omi sucks in a breath]

Omi: Saijou Takatori is not involved with this mission. This mission is done!
Aya: ... Very well.

... but at least he tries to always be solid and responsible, whatever it's about his teammates' fighting, the job in Koneko or their night job :)