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George Takei Gets His Own Category:
George Takei Is Second To Nun [Video]
LGBT: The Best LGBT Books Of All Time(?)
Music: Schiller - Dream of You [Video]
Music: Take That - Love Love [Video] If you had told me 15 years ago that I would be linking to a Take That video and describing it as 'surprisingly good,' I wouldn't have believed you. My little brother and I always used to pretend to be choking to death whenever we heard them (ditto Spice Girls!).
Nature: Shiny Lizards and Tiny Lemurs "Species are going extinct before we can discover them,” says WWF Madagascar.
Radiation: "Melt-Through" Not "Meltdown" at Fukushima ...Actually, I thought this information was already widely known?
Seiyuu: Seiyuu Matsukaze Masaya To Open Akihabara Seiyuu Cafe
Seiyuu: Kawakami Tomoko Passes Away She voiced Kimika in "Fight Fire With Fire," although most people will know her as Chiriko in Fushigi Yuugi and the title characters in Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Hikaru no Go.
Tiger&Bunny: All-chara sketches from joopawoopa.
Tiger&Bunny: Topless Bunny/Kotetsu from karorumetallium.
Tiger&Bunny: All-chara gag sketches from fishlove
Tiger&Bunny: NicoNicoDouga Best Collection [Videos]

Obvious rip-off of Gloomy Bear is obvious.

I liked that Kotetsu rang up Bison, because they'd probably hang out at any other time if he wasn't shopping for Kaede. I love that the writers know enough about fanservice to put that in. More team dynamics, please (see also: Weiss). I was glad to see some of the "lesser" heroes get some points.

I've been saying for a while that there are no *revelations* in this series so far -- the evil organisation that killed Bunny's parents (has so far) turned out to be your basic evil organisation and the murderer no one we'd seen before. I hope we get a surprise soon and that it's not a hero death. Pretty much everyone's been saying it's going to be Origami Cyclone tonight. It seems obvious that he'd try to infiltrate Ouroboros organisation by shape-shifting and I'm hoping that "hilarity ensues" as he tries to pretend to be a crazy naked dude, rather than "horrible tragic death", but the two aren't mutually exclusive anyway.

Summary: What will happen in tonight's ep??

Obviously I'm not keeping up too well with this series, but it's not from a lack of interest, just a lack of time. I'm loving DMW so far and the problems I had with it when reading a basic (non-spoiler) outline have disappeared. It seemed to being playing up Ganta's blood powers which are the least interesting aspect of the story in comparison to the search for the Akai Otoko and the Happy Evil Theme Park. Not so -- they focused on everything I would want them to focus on and Ganta's blood powers haven't ruined an otherwise interesting plot at all.

What I love about it is that it's SO over the top. The melodrama is laid on with a trowel and the evil villains are very evil and Ganta so very innocent.

Actually, J had a theory that Ganta IS the Akai Otoko after all, which looks to be a real possibility. Thing is, the series asks you to accept that Ganta is innocent as its very premise, so I'm not completely sold yet. Unlike Tiger&Bunny though, I'm certain we've met the Akai Otoko before. It will be a big reveal.

Summary: This, this and this. *single tear* So beautiful...

I suppose I should talk about writing now, in order to motivate myself. I've actually had a great deal of progress when it comes to getting the words out. And I thought up a new short story, with a great ending and kept it all in the same notebook. I'm stalled on another short story which had an amazing, brilliant, GENIUS ending and I wrote it down in a place that wasn't where I kept the first four scenes and character list. But it was really clever, I promise you.

Strangely enough, the endings I write down are nowhere near as good as the endings I forget. Weird, huh?

Thank you to everyone who took part in my poll! I'm now fairly confident in what I can use and what I can't. Turns out yukata is fine, which is great because referring to it as a 'summer kimono' makes about as much sense as describing a T-shirt as a 'summer sweater'. And most of the other things are fairly easily glossed -- while Showa might not be quite so widely known, add 'era' to it and it becomes understandable enough.

Three of the words that weren't widely known were Sotoba, Okutsuki and Hakazaki. Great! These are character names. Sotoba is the word for those wooden sticks you see around graves and it's a homonym for an actual surname if you use completely different kanji. Okutsuki is a grave, while Hakazaki is one of a couple of possible readings if the kanji for 'grave' (haka) is being used as someone's surname. If that even makes sense...

In fact, shide is the only casualty in this experiment. Shide refers to those pieces of paper cut into lightning shapes that hang off shrines. I've taken that line out completely. I would guess shimenawa is right out too... :)

Thanks again, everyone!

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