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Harry Potter:
What is pottermore.com?
LGBT: UN Passes Resolution Condemning Discrimination Against Gay People
Japan: Are People Hired Based On Their Looks? (Judging by my recent experiences, yes, obviously. That doesn't mean they're highlighting a particularly well-designed study.)
Japan: Schools Must Be Better Equipped To Handle Disasters
Random: Wart Blasted Off With Shotgun
Tiger&Bunny: Kotetsu's Hat To Go On Sale (...I want this.)
TV: Salman Rushdie To Write TV Sci-Fi
TV: Complaints Over Eastenders' Gay Kiss

I need to get an early night tonight as I have to be up very early tomorrow morning to get to a school that's a short hike from the nearest station (I go by bus though). The school keeps pet goats and the children have to fight their way through poisonous vipers, wild boars and brown bears every morning just to reach the school gates. That's how countryside it is, despite technically being in Tokyo. I like it, but it's a hell of a commute.

I didn't have time for breakfast on Wednesday, so I got a can of coffee from a vending machine while waiting for my train. Within minutes, I was typing out a poem that made me grin like crazy. I don't even write poetry, but I liked what I wrote. It's currently half-finished and will have to wait until I drink more of that coffee again. Mmm... coffee.

I went to the Tokyo Toy Fair with J on Saturday. It was pretty good, although numbers were down for both attendees and exhibitors. I took lots of photos and will put together a blog post very soon. I should have done it today in order to get it out there as soon as possible, but I spent most of the day listening to an audiobook instead.

Once we'd finished with the exhibition, we went for a walk around Odaiba and walked past a cosplay event. There were four Kotetsu and a couple of Bunnys. I didn't see any Origami Cyclones, but that's to be expected. I saw a team of four Saiyuki cosplayers too, which is strange because no one tends to go for the older series in Japan.

After that, it started to rain and I took a whole bunch of photos from the beach. Then we went to see X-Men: First Generation.

Okay, finally something I didn't see coming! I assumed Origami would be taking on the form of Jake, not a henchman whose name I can't even remember now. But he really shouldn't have started talking on his communicator out in the open. Just use the bathroom, Ivan! I did like the way the villain seems to have almost immediately figured it out though.

If I had any complaints, it's to tone down Fire Emblem a bit. He can be over the top when it's not life-or-death, but should remain perceptive and calm when it is. There WAS a good bit where he knew exactly what Kotetsu was doing for Bunny and told Blue Rose so. More that, less of the OTT.

Speaking of that scene, Kotetsu/Bunny are amazing together.

Summary: I kind of like this new villain. He's crazy. I just hope Ivan is okay, because I don't want THAT kind of twist.

Congratulations. You told me this was a horrible, brutal prison and then you actually did something to get that level of visceral response out of me. Seriously, well done! That was a nasty scene indeed. I didn't watch most of it, but it was delightfully over the top and -- from the view between my fingers -- not as much was shown as promised. Eyeballs are one of my weaknesses.

I love Tamaki Promoter! He's completely evil(?) and as mad as a box of weasels.

Finally, this series has more twists in five minutes than TaiBani has had its whole run so far.

Summary: At some point over the past two episodes. I realised that I love this series almost as much as Tiger & Bunny. Now I need to catch up. Zuppashi!

Some really great scenes with the younger characters growing up as mutants and outcasts, then learning to be a team. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing and it reminded me of when I was growing up and reading the comics for the first time.

But because I have read the comics (not for about five years now...), Sebastian Shaw's background in the movie came out of nowhere and left me a bit disoriented at first.

The stars of the film are Prof X and Magneto. One thing I liked was that the movie so thoroughly comes down on Erik's side, while Xavier is portrayed as a complete dolt. And if they didn't intend that, they shouldn't have made the emotional climax the killing of the man who killed his mother. They still had some amazing (and slash-filled) scenes together, but it was clear Erik was in the right.

Some real Unfortunate Implications for Darwin though. Which made me realise that, at some point, the name Darwin has become synonymous with an early death, rather than survival of the fittest.

Summary: I liked it. Looking forward to seeing Paradise Kiss next, when I have the time.

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