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22 June 2011 @ 16:59
Link list:

English anime map compiled to attract foreign tourists
Anime: Live action Noir?
Anime: Studio Ghibli displays anti-nuclear power banner
Business: Mos Burger to open branches in Australia
Could there ever be a Neuromancer film?
Japan: Preventing radiation contamination more important than TEPCO's stock prices Some days it's hard to find the words to describe how I feel about TEPCO.
Photography: Red sunsets due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere
Space: Saturn's ice moon Helene
Tiger&Bunny: Barnaby & Kotetsu fanart
Tiger&Bunny: Rumours regarding direction of T&B NO.
Tiger&Bunny: Compilation of all(?) the real-life products used in Tiger&Bunny I was actually searching for the name of the cologne that supposedly sold out, but I found this instead.

Spam From Japan: Water lilies and cosmos at sundown

These photos were taken on the same day as the insect ones, but I decided to split them up.

This is the anime of the season, for sure. I love the way other people think so too. Love the way totally unrelated products are selling out, as in one of the above links. The other link does not make me so happy. Sky High must NOT die. I mean, I'd still keep watching, but really. That is not the surprise I'm looking for.

One thing that confused me about this episode was that it really seemed like Bunny and Kotetsu were kind of being given the option to fight as a team against Jake (he said he was fine just skipping ahead the next person and drew them simultaneously) and they didn't take it. Overall, it seems like a bad plan to just go along with his demands, although I suppose they thought Sky High could win. I was sad seeing Keith lose so easily, but he did okay in comparison to Rock Bison.

Next episode, I want to see a reason for T&B fighting separately and an indication Kotetsu achieved something in his fight in preparation for Bunny. Or just something to stop making him seem like a loser. A win for him, in other words.

I would also like to see Sky High, Ivan and Tiger not die. May I suggest the mayor instead?

Summary: Hoping for a happy ending.

Minatsuki is introduced, whose name I recognise from youkofujima's journal. I like her, she's crazy! I lol'd SO HARD when she told Ganta about her mum and the potted plant.

However, here's an alternative reading of her backstory: everything happened according to what the 'nice' version told Ganta, but she went crazy in the prison. Like everyone else apparently has -- even Ganta has started down that path. It's starting to look more likely that Ganta is the Akai Otoko too.

Summary: ...But so many twists and turns, who knows?
L.impressioniste on 22nd June 2011 09:02 (UTC)
Those water lily photos are really lovely!
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd June 2011 09:23 (UTC)
Thank you!
balljointedomi: Koneko no Sumu Ieballjointedomi on 22nd June 2011 09:33 (UTC)
I guess I should give Toger&Bunny a try, you post about it a lot :)

Lovely pictures of flowers! My favorites are ShowaKinen09 and 10. They are *amazing*, almost like paintings. Love the effect.
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd June 2011 09:39 (UTC)
Then I have succeeded. :) It's definitely worth a look -- I can't promise anyone will have the same reaction to it, but the characters are compulsive and the fanservice keeps coming. It's just not the kind of thing you associate with fanservice though, because the writers are just that good!

Thanks! Those two were taken at Cosmos Hill. The sight of so many flowers at the same time is pretty impressive, particularly in Tokyo. I just wish I'd taken more landscape-oriented, so they could be a wallpaper too. :)
Thomas Vye: deadpool bullseye kidthomasvye on 22nd June 2011 12:01 (UTC)
I'd started to watch Tiger and Bunny and have been enjoying it but then I realised suddenly it was being made by Sunrise and now I feel super cautious about it; they have a history of starting strong and screwing up (as far as I am concerned - the horror that Code Geass and Gundam 00 became, for example). :@
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd June 2011 12:32 (UTC)
Those are two series I started out with and enjoyed at the time. I suspect that if I had kept up with them, I'd be a fan by now. I do remember thinking when Gundam first came out that I could tell who was going to die because they were a pilot in their twenties...

*thinking* They wouldn't kill off Tiger or Bunny, would they...?
Jesshideincarnate on 22nd June 2011 17:16 (UTC)
I agree with you on the T&B review. Really, I don't want any of the heroes to die. I also would like to know how anyone can write fan fic for Skyhigh and Rock Bison because those two have YET to have an episode revealing more of their characters. Everyone else has has a nice development episode. They haven't. What gives? I'd like more depth to them besides "Repetitive wind power using King of Heroes who looks like a real life version of Ken doll" and "Hispanic tough guy who dresses like a bull...and fails as much as Kotetsu does." =/

Also your flower pictures are LOVELY.
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th June 2011 05:35 (UTC)
Actually, I've liked Sky High ever since episode five(?) when he complained how he didn't get to read out any of his lines. He's the number one hero, but surprisingly similar to Kotetsu in private. Assuming I kept the story in the present and didn't mention any backstory, I think I could write a fic for him. That's the thing about the characters in T&B -- they do exactly what they say on the label. Unless that's about to change, of course.

Jesshideincarnate on 26th June 2011 00:48 (UTC)
Mmmm then I guess I don't understand how they can pair characters up? I don't know...I don't read fic for this show anyway. XD; But I do enjoy it a lot!
ext_254817 on 22nd June 2011 23:55 (UTC)
Did my Weiß tourism years ago.^^ Maybe I shoud have marketed the idea...
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th June 2011 05:38 (UTC)
Well, I'm not sure if there's money in it! Although I have heard of 'anime tours' being organised for more money than each thing would cost individually ("We'll give you a guided tour of Akihabara, then take you to a maid cafe and...")