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Ego: Translation of a Foreigner's Comments on "Catch The Lion" into Japanese Someone read my Tokyo Toy Show review, I guess. ;)
Japan: TEPCO Holds a Shareholders' Meeting
Japan: Temporary Workers in Fukushima
"Photography": Backstage at Men's Fashion Week
UFOs: The Plane Truth Behind Area 51

Playing with Google's new(??) image search feature. You give it a URL and it tells you if there are any other copies online, a list of similar pictures and where it thinks it is.

This can have some amusing results. I gave it the URL of a photo I had taken of all these red super sentai rangers lined up and it returned an image of a row of red tulips. I put in a black temple and it returned an image of an old-fashioned typewriter. Hours of fun for someone like me.

Sometimes it was uncanny though. I put in an image of a ferris wheel and it correctly identified it as 'view from landmark tower'. It also recognised Nokogiri Yama as well.

And then I tried putting in Weiss Kreuz characters. The results were even better. And yeah, it knows who Schuldig is.

I watched Tiger & Bunny 13 yesterday. Spoilers under the cut.

It seems that Mr Jake sent both Sky High and Rock Bison off to the hospital, not just Kotetsu. That was nice of him. Speaking of the other heroes, I feel a little protective towards Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem. I dunno what to make of the girls' team sequence -- it was okay, I guess. It's not really worth speculating on a character's gender identity unless it's been overtly stated and the fandom just hasn't caught up (Hello, Grell!). But Dragon Kid...

The series really went a long way to drag out the "reveal" that Jake had two powers. Everyone knew that already... Everyone! It was more a matter of debate as to what it was. Interestingly, both telepathy and super-hearing were top of the list on LJ. I believed Kotetsu when he said it was super-hearing, because I couldn't imagine they'd have him screw everything up at such a crucial point. I figured that the Next Academy showed there were all kinds of powers and super-hearing wasn't out of the question.

I didn't quite get what I wanted, which was recognition for Kotetsu on the same level Barnaby received. But we're only half-way through the series, so that's actually good. Same with their relationship, which is better but not perfect yet.

The next episode (14) looks kind of filler-ish, and ep 15 is that the one the director has gone on record that it 'made him cry'.

Poll #1757146 Episode 15

What's up with that?

He's trolling the fandom.
He was crying because Bunny's backstory is revealed in more detail.
He was crying because Bunny and Kotetsu really started to understand each other and it was All Too Beautiful.
He was crying because Kotetsu's backstory is revealed.
Character death.

I'm thinking number 4, actually, with it connected to Kotetsu's wife. There's not a single (hero) character I want to see die, so here's hoping.

Summary: Tiger & Bunny // I used to wonder what friendship could be // Tiger & Bunny // Until you all shared its magic with me // Big adventure, tons of fun // A beautiful heart, faithful and strong // Sharing kindness, it's an easy feat // And magic makes it all complete! // You have NEXT superheroes // Do you know you're all my very best friiiiiiiiiends?

We also watched an ep of Deadman Wonderland, then marathoned the next five until we were all caught up over the course of two evenings. I had to. And the thing is... I can never recommend it to anyone. You must never know how much I love this series -- it's that level of sick, twisted and violent. There's now been three scenes where I've thought that I probably couldn't deal with seeing any more detail. Yeah, I realise I'm not exactly selling it here. But I love how corkscrewed the plotting is and how all the character revelations pile up. And there's the music! You know how some shows kind of programme you to expect total coolness where the theme song plays (Weiss Kreuz, Yami no Matsuei and Saiyuki spring to mind). This is pretty similar, except it's a Final Fantasy-esque track. They layer character revelation, violence and this theme music on top of each other and it gets me every time.

Out of curiosity, is anyone else watching it like I am, having not read the manga and so with every revelation being new for them?
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