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Pyromania: NYPD Explodes Confiscated Fireworks [Video]
Science: Pen Draws Working Circuits
Science: Memories Subject To Peer Pressure
Space: What was that halo of light seen in Hawaii?
Space: Details on Cygnus X-1, the first black hole to be discovered
Tiger&Bunny: Sky High-centric sketches from youkofujima
Tiger&Bunny: Comic Anthology scheduled for August release
Weiss Kreuz: Aya Fanart

Spam From Japan: International Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Report

I haven't had much time to myself lately. I spent the entire weekend at Our Space, helping out with the production I mentioned last post. It's the smallest production I've ever worked on (Four actors, one director, five stage crew and a stage manager who also doubled as front of house), which made it an intimate experience. I love working in the theatre so much and I can't believe it took me this long to make the jump from audience member to participant!

Now I'm working on this short story that I'm planning to submit to an anthology. It's okay, but suffering from the "I wrote bits of this all over the place in a thousand different notebooks[*]" and so I thought I'd written more than I actually had. I plan to finish it this week. Since I've got a business class this evening, I'd better hurry.

[*]And then I tore the pages out and stashed them Elsewhere because it was supposed to be a nice notebook for work.

Happy Independence Day to all the Americans out there. It's technically the 5th over here, but still the 4th in the US, I believe. Hope you all had a great evening.

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