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Your links for today:

China: Woman Sees Mother's Face For First Time in Five Years Thanks To Chinese Twitter
China: Chinese Ghost Cities The article is 80% trash, but the pictures are interesting.
Japan: Sumida River Fireworks Festival
Japan: Little Thailand (in Kanagawa)
Japan: Haunted Tokyo Tours Been meaning to do this for a while.
Japan: Google Street View to include disaster-zone images
Japan: Simpsons' Audio Clip of "We're Sending Our Love Down The Well" No reason.
J Pop: AKB48: The Media Response
Setsuden: How To Stay Cool Without Aircon
Setsuden: Electricity Consumption Forecast
Space: Storm on Saturn
Tech: How engineers create artificial sounds to fool us

We had another earthquake today, at around 9.57am. It was either a magnitude 7.0, a 7.1 or a 7.3, depending on which news agency you read. There was 20cm tsunami up in Tohoku, but no injuries reported. Fukushima nuclear power plant workers were temporarily evacuated, but the cooling wasn't stopped.

...Happened just as I'd stepped on the scales to weigh myself, then I realised the screen doors were rattling. Didn't think I'd gained that much overnight. There was a lot of swaying, like being on a boat, but nothing too serious in Tokyo. Although it went on for around a minute, I could immediately sense it was a shindo 2 where I was. I guess I've picked up a new skill in the past three months: "Can instantly determine shindo level of an earthquake without checking online."

I'm still trying to finish off that short story in time for an anthology deadline next week. It always feels like I'm trying to write something commercial, but I never finish it. The one short story I did finish is inappropriate at this time (starts off with an emergency in a weather mod plant, heavily based on research on nuclear power plant emergencies). Meanwhile, I usually start something and then go crazy when it's time to type it up because it's in ten different notebooks and/or the writing isn't as awesome as I'd remembered. It's more the latter this time.

J is off in Osaka now, and I've been cooking recently. My butter-shoyu chicken on an English muffin was really good and is perfect for a small evening meal. We'll watch the last two Tiger & Bunny eps when he gets back. NO SPOILERS, PARTICULARLY THE LATEST EP, OKAY? LJ-CUT PLEASE. Same for Deadman Wonderland, by the way.

At some point (when?), I'm going to download the new summer anime and watch the first ten minutes of all of them for review.

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