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16 July 2011 @ 20:44
Your Links For Today:

Food: Kimono Wine Bar Where I went on Wednesday evening. I posted some photos on Facebook, but the main thing to say is that the fried avocado was amazing.
Grammar: 50 Years of Stupid Grammar
Japan: Gaijin Card To Be Discontinued
Music: Visual Kei Bands Do Disney
Music: Reconciling Fuji Rock's Eco Desires and Reality
Nature: Jellyfish swarm!
Nature: Crocodile Photograph Prompts Concern
Photography: Portraits that use the lighting around sunrise/sunset
Radiation: Amateur scientists create radiation map of Japan
Radiation: Radiation-Stuffed Beef Reaches Consumers and Even More Waiting To Be Eaten Fuck, this pretty much sums up the reason as to why I'm drunk right now. Apparently it was TOTALLY VOLUNTARY for people in radiated areas to decide not to send their cattle to market. So much for all the "tight restrictions" we were told were in place. Now the government is apparently "mulling" a ban on stuff like that. ARE YOU SURE? YOU DON'T WANT TO ACT TOO PREMATURELY, RIGHT?
Tiger&Bunny: More facts from the creators (apparently) Tiger is officially between 32-36, which is what I thought from the first ep. That's hardly "old", although admittedly ancient by anime standards.
Tiger&Bunny: Fanart
Tiger&Bunny: Sketch Collection
Tiger&Bunny: I got nothing
UK: Earthquake in the UK

Thank you to red_squared for the virtual LJ gift!

I managed to finish my short story and submit it before the deadline. I'm not really happy with it any more though. I wrote/polished it up on such a small amount of sleep that it was probably riddled with errors. I haven't been able to bring myself to look at it since, which is for the best.

There's a long weekend ahead of me. I want to go the local Obon dance on Saturday, then I apparently have Tenimyu on Sunday followed by a Fat Pig cast and crew party at the Pink Cow. I also want to fit in some sleep this time around.

I'm on Google+. Add me? I'll probably use it for talking about photography and writing.

And... I finally got around to watching episodes 14 and 15 of Tiger&Bunny.

Episode 14

First, there's a time jump of ten months, which feels like a cheat -- Kotetsu and Bunny are now sleeping together and Bunny has stopped being quite so angsty due to Jake's defeat. He's also happy being called Bunny, which is a sure sign he's in love with Kotetsu according to Blue Rose's friends.

The fanservice is coming in fast now, and Kotetsu, Bunny and Blue Rose are forming a hero singing unit. That single they mentioned? Is a Real Thing. I got a bit spoiled for that on Twitter, via the official feed when they referred to a single from 'the unit formed in ep 14'. Oh well.

Rock Bison is woobie-awesome. So sad that there needs to be a loser in the Hero TV rankings.

Episode 15

Well that was a relief! I did notice a few people say how angsty it was, but -- meh -- not so much.


Maybe an intentional troll on the director's part, maybe not. At least some people said it upset them, after all. But really, I like how the saddest possible imaginable ep has a character falling in love with a gynoid and then having to destroy it and never even knowing. Depending on your point of view that last detail might make it sadder or less so. Certainly some series like Deadman Wonderland could really bring the angst with this kind of storyline.

I ship Sky High and Fire Emblem. Think about it. Fire Emblem could do with a boyfriend and Sky High needs to learn how to have fun.

Oh... the swimsuits. Just saying.

The real downer for me was the bit after the credits. If this goes a predictable way, then Tiger uses up all his power for one final showdown against the Big Bad, everyone finally loves him and he retires. DO NOT WANT. (Oh, and he's apparently 36 at most. Not old.)

Also making me sad? The HERO TV rankings. But not the meat of this episode, although I might feel more teary-eyed if most of us hadn't been expecting a character death.
Momokoxelloss_poo on 15th July 2011 11:55 (UTC)
Well, its sort of exciting about no more Gaijin card. I'll be glad for less information on it. Going to immigration to do any changes is going to suck. SUCK. But 5 year visa extension. :DDDDDD SWEET! And no re-entry permits!! :DDDDD Its sort of exciting (and sort of sucky), but I'm going to look at the awesome side of things! :D
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th July 2011 11:58 (UTC)
Making those changes won't be a short trip anymore. You'll have to take a day off work. It should be okay though -- I hope so.
Momokoxelloss_poo on 15th July 2011 11:59 (UTC)
I think it will all depend on how early you go and how/where they're going to have things go through. Is there going to be a new section merely for changes to the card? Perhaps. Who knows.
^_^ /*: Kotetsu making earswhite_cross_b on 15th July 2011 12:04 (UTC)
I thought I was the only person in T&B fandom that just shrugged over episode 15. I've probably watched too much Joss Whendon shows because I kept saying, "dude, she's a robot," to my screen. That wasn't even close to angst for me.

What do you think of Google+? I can't wait to join, but so far no luck.
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th July 2011 12:15 (UTC)
I didn't immediately think of her as a robot, but I certainly didn't think of her as an interesting character. But I'm glad no one died (so far).

It looks like Facebook to me, but it's more open to people other than the ones you genuinely know in real life. I think. I can send you an invite if you want.
^_^ /*: Renji - bankai baby!white_cross_b on 15th July 2011 12:25 (UTC)
I'm glad no one died too, though there is something to say for a series that does do something like that. Bleach is a series that really could use some character death as long as it isn't Renji.

I'd love an invite! If you have to send it to an e-mail address, you can use white_cross_b @ thewildheart dot net.
^_^ /*: Ed - thumbs up!white_cross_b on 15th July 2011 13:18 (UTC)
I got it and signed up, but you probably know that already. Thanks!
Williamgenkischuldich on 16th July 2011 02:12 (UTC)
Yeah, I noticed! Hope it's good for you!
athena: shion: katanaathena8 on 15th July 2011 14:30 (UTC)
Yeah 15 was just a little meh for me too. I do love poor Sky High though. I wonder where angsty Bunny has gone? I miss him a little, lol.

I hear ya about the age thing being "ancient" in anime terms. Why shouldn't there be more mature characters? That's partly why I appreciated Shion, Kikyo and gang, who actually had some life experience to make them interesting.
Williamgenkischuldich on 16th July 2011 02:15 (UTC)
I have to admit I love the Bunny that precisely understands what Kotetsu is trying to do to the point of naivety -- just like the viewer, in fact. On the other hand, Kotetsu is being a *bit* more dorky than desirable sometimes. Hope they don't go too over the top.

I would say more that they have enough age to make their life experience plausible. :P
We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 15th July 2011 18:46 (UTC)
If you don't mind, I'd like to add you to my G+ :) I'm always interested in the links and photography/writing things you post. (I'm Bianca, btws)
Williamgenkischuldich on 16th July 2011 02:15 (UTC)
Of course I don't mind! I added you too. :)
Owenkidboomerang on 23rd July 2011 02:16 (UTC)
So, what's the Google+ verdict? Should I be interested?
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd July 2011 02:32 (UTC)
Maybe. It's better than Facebook -- for a start, you can edit posts. There also seems to be more of an atmosphere where you can add anyone you like (like Twitter). There's just one snag -- no one is there yet! And by 'no one' I mean fandom types, etc. There are plenty of hopeful "SEO experts".