William (genkischuldich) wrote,


Film & Anime Export Firm To Be Created
Cats: Lioness with Little One
Japan: Court Interpreters Lack Necessary Skills?
Japan: Tokyo Beer Gardens 2011
Japan: Lindsay's Killer Sentenced To Life (via umbrellaofdoom)
LGBT: Kevin, The Gay Archie Character, Gets His Own Comic
Movies: Amazing Spider-Man trailer [Video] Looks good, especially the first-person perspective at the end, but why go back to the origins? Even my mum knows how Spidey got his powers (At the age of 8, I was amazed how she predicted the TV series...), so there's no need to go through that all over again.
Movies: The Dark Knight Rises trailer [Video] This is almost certainly going to be awesome, but it's not like you could tell from the trailer.
Nature: Sharks On A Boat-- Wait, What?
Random: Prussian Blue, The Nazi Teen Pop Idols, Five Years On
Space: The View As You Leave Earth
Space: Southern Lights From Space

Today I'm working on doing a bit more writing. My plan is to get down to polishing that Crawford/Schuldig and put together several notebooks of snippets into one story. And maybe do part of that summer anime speed-watch. VLC Player is all but unwatchable (especially during action sequences), but at least the sound and picture sync up. I'm now trying other video formats, which seems to be working.

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